Available Surrogate 2192

Available Surrogate 2192


Available for Matching!



Available for Matching: This surrogate is currently available for matching.

Note from the Surrogate: "It gives me a warm feeling inside knowing that I will bring a wonderful gift for you into the world. Parenthood allows us to view the world differently in which our greatest lessons are learned. 'By making something so precious and beautiful it takes a helping heart.' - anon" 

Race: African American

Location: Illinois

Age: 32

Occupation: Academic Advisor 

Relationship status: In a relationship with a 12-year-old son

BMI: 25

Height: 5 ft. 3 in.

Weight: 142 lbs.

Compensation & Insurance Requirements: This surrogate has a BlueCross BlueShield policy that appears to include coverage for her pregnancy. However, it is a self-funded policy. When a plan is self-funded, it is the employer that determines the benefits that are covered under the plan. As insurance is ever-changing and events may occur that could alter the state or coverage of the current plan, we recommend a second policy. Please read the following to learn more about surrogate compensation and other costs.

Experience: First-time surrogate

Willing to work with: Any type of family

Other information: Prefers a single embryo transfer.


If you meet our requirements and think you may be a good match for this surrogacy situation, please contact us today at situations@americansurrogacy.com or view more available surrogacy situations here.