27 Questions to Ask a Prospective Surrogate

Finding the perfect surrogate to carry your child can be a difficult decision. How do you select the woman who will hold your hopes and dreams in her uterus for nine long months?

While the surrogacy specialists at American Surrogacy can help you find a surrogate who shares your surrogacy goals and preferences, the ultimate decision will be up to you. Before you commit to a prospective surrogate, however, you will have the chance to share a conversation with her to ensure she is the right choice for your family.

You may wonder: “What questions do I ask a surrogate to make sure she’s perfect for my family?”

Know that you and your surrogacy specialist will create a list of questions prior to your conversation with potential surrogates, and your specialist will always mediate your upcoming conversation. While you’ll want to ask the questions that you are most interested in learning more about, we’ve listed a few potential questions below to help you start your list.

About a Surrogate

  • What are your interests?
  • What kind of things do you like to do?
  • How would you describe your personality?
  • What are your values? What is important to you?
  • What is your family like? Are they supportive of your surrogacy plans?

About Her Surrogacy Goals

  • Why did you decide to become a surrogate?
  • Why do you think you’d be a great surrogate?
  • Have you been a surrogate before? If so, what were your journeys like?
  • What were your previous pregnancies like?
  • When did you start your surrogacy process?
  • How committed are you to the surrogacy process?
  • Are you able to travel for surrogacy-related procedures and appointments?
  • What are you looking for in a relationship with intended parents before, during and after the surrogacy process?
  • What do you want to know about us as intended parents?
  • How many embryo transfers are you comfortable with, and how many embryos are you comfortable with in a single transfer?
  • How do you want your family involved in your surrogacy journey?
  • What are your husband’s or partner’s thoughts on your surrogacy decision?
  • How are you going to tell your children about your surrogacy? What kind of involvement do you want from me as an intended parent?
  • What are your thoughts on selective reduction and termination?
  • Do you have certain surrogacy, legal or medical professionals in mind?
  • What would you like us to tell our child about you as they grow up?
  • What are your expectations from us as intended parents?
  • What are you most looking forward to about being a surrogate?

Something to note: Questions about surrogate compensation should not be discussed in your initial conversation with a surrogate. Your surrogacy specialist will have already matched you with a prospective surrogate who meets your surrogacy budget, and the details of her surrogate compensation will be decided by your lawyers during the legal contract phase.

Your initial conversation with a prospective surrogate can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Remember that when you work with American Surrogacy, your surrogacy specialist will be there for you throughout your preparation for and during this important conversation. We will always work with you to help you find the perfect surrogate for your family.

To start finding a surrogate with American Surrogacy today, please call 1-800-875-2229(BABY) or contact us online.

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