What is the Surrogacy Success Rate?

Becoming a parent through surrogacy is one of the most beautiful journeys you’ll ever take. Learn everything you need to know about the surrogacy success rate with our guide.

When you’re looking to begin your journey of parenthood through surrogacy, one of the most common topics that come up is about surrogacy success rates. Here, we’ll explore the factors that influence surrogacy success rates to help you prepare for the journey ahead.

As you begin this beautiful journey, know that we at American Surrogacy will be there to help you confidently navigate the transfer process.

If you have any questions about the medical process of surrogacy, contact us online now to speak with our surrogacy specialists.

What Are the Gestational Surrogacy Success Rates?

The IVF surrogacy success rates will always depend on the fertility clinic that completes the embryo transfer. This includes any pre-implantation genetic screening that the clinic needs to complete. In general, a little more than half of all IVF transfers will result in pregnancy, with 35-40 percent of transfers failing to implant.

If you experience a failed transfer, know that its normal and we will be there to help you during this time. A failed transfer is normal and we will always be there for this emotional process.

What Affects the Surrogacy Embryo Transfer Success Rates?

There are various factors that influence surrogacy success rates. If you’re looking into surrogacy as a family building option, here are some things that affect the success rate of surrogacy:

  • Age of egg: One of the most important influences determining how successful a pregnancy is. Most surrogacy pregnancies include egg donors that tend to be young, typically in their 20s, while a surrogate can be somewhere into her early 40s. Once a woman turns 40, the quality of her eggs have become less viable but she can still carry a successful pregnancy.
  • The quality of sperm: This plays a big part in the surrogacy success rates as well. To increase the chances of a success, sperm should be used or donated from a healthy nonsmoker.
  • Pre-screening surrogates: While the surrogate’s age isn’t as important as the egg donor’s age, you still want to make sure that surrogates meet a clinic’s medical criteria. A thorough agency, like American Surrogacy, will pre-screen all potential candidates to ensure they meet the IVF clinic guidelines and requirements before the medical screening.
  • The surrogacy agency: You can always improve your chances of having higher surrogacy success rates by working with the right agency. Although fertility clinics mostly influence surrogacy success rates, we will do everything we can to set you up for success from our end. With our 1:1 intended parent to surrogate ratio, we can help you find a surrogate who’s the perfect fit for you and your family in an average of 30-90 days.

How to Maximize IVF Surrogacy Success Rates

One of the ways you can increase your chances of a successful pregnancy is by making sure you’re using donor eggs and a surrogate with a healthy uterus. You’ll need to have the young eggs transferred to a surrogate who has had healthy pregnancies beforehand.

The chances can be even higher if you’ve had the surrogate undergo pre-genetic testing. In this case, implantation rates and successful pregnancy chances will be high, while failed transfers and rates will be low. 

Benefits of Choosing American Surrogacy

As one of the leading surrogacy agencies in the country, we offer many benefits that can help put you on the right path toward a high surrogacy success rate. Because of how we manage our intended parent list, we’re able to put you on the quickest route toward fulfilling your dreams of becoming parents.

Another unmatched benefit we provide is offering a fixed fee structure to help you have confidence in your budget. We provide a flat fee to help you understand just how much you’ll be paying for your surrogacy journey from start to finish. While we can’t influence your surrogacy success rates, we can have an impact on your success by providing unmatched support and short wait times.

Begin Your Surrogacy Journey Today

To learn more about how successful your surrogacy journey can be with American Surrogacy, contact us online now to speak with a surrogacy specialist. We’re always here to guide you on this life-changing journey. 

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