10 Signs that You’d Make a Great Surrogate

Surrogates are selfless, generous women who give their time, energy and body to someone else who desperately hopes to be a parent. It’s a great commitment — one a woman should only make when she’s sure it’s right for her.

But, if you’re considering surrogacy, how do really you know when you’re ready to be a surrogate? What are some signs that this is a good path for you?

Each woman is different, so it’s important that you speak with a surrogacy specialist at American Surrogacy before committing to this process, so you can understand exactly what to expect.

However, there are a few characteristics that all great surrogates share. Find out what they are below and, if you think they describe you, contact American Surrogacy at 1-800-875-2229 today to start your surrogacy journey.

1. You’re healthy enough to be a surrogate.

All surrogates must meet certain health requirements to undergo an embryo transfer and successfully carry a surrogate pregnancy to term. This includes having a certain BMI, no previous pregnancy complications and no use of anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication. Talk to a surrogacy agency or a surrogacy clinic to find out whether you meet these surrogate health requirements.

2. You are currently raising a child.

All surrogates must have successfully carried one pregnancy already and be raising a child in their home. Having already been pregnant, you are better prepared for the emotional and medical challenges of pregnancy. You will also have a child to come home to in case you experience any emotional difficulties after the intended parents’ baby is born.

3. You and your spouse have completed your family.

While surrogacy professionals take every step to make sure your safety is accounted for, there are certain inherent medical risks of the surrogacy process. One of these is the loss of reproductive organs or the inability to get pregnant again. All surrogates should be comfortable with the size of their family before they start the process, just in case these losses occur.

4. You enjoy being pregnant.

Most surrogates truly love the pregnancy experience but don’t want to have any more children of their own. Therefore, surrogacy is the perfect solution. If you’re in this situation, surrogacy may be the right path for you.

5. You are ready to commit to the demands of surrogacy.

Surrogacy involves an extensive medical process and, often, the whole journey takes a year or longer. If you want to become a surrogate, you should be ready to work with intended parents for that long and understand that your own life may need to change in order for that to happen (for example, taking time off work or being unable to spend as much time with your family).

6. You are an organized person.

As mentioned, being a surrogate requires many different appointments, as well as medication, meetings with your surrogacy specialist, and more. A good surrogate can stay organized and on top of all of these requirements without becoming overwhelmed.

7. Your spouse supports your surrogacy decision.

While you are the one carrying someone else’s baby, your decision will directly affect your spouse, as well. You will be required to attend many appointments, and your spouse may need to take on additional responsibilities when you can’t perform your usual parental duties. Therefore, it’s critical that your spouse supports your decision and is ready for the challenges that may accompany it.

8. Your friends and family support you.

Just as your spouse will be required to take on additional responsibilities, you may find yourself leaning on friends and family members for help, too. Every surrogate should identify a surrogacy support system before beginning the process to ensure she has the assistance she may need for childcare, transportation, house-keeping, etc.

9. You are financially stable.

While being a surrogate does qualify you for surrogate compensation, the manner in which the compensation is dispensed means that you should be financially independent before starting the surrogacy journey. Women who are solely interested in surrogacy for the financial aspect usually won’t make great surrogates; instead, women who understand compensation is an added bonus to helping create a family will be ideal candidates.

10. You want to help create a family.

Above all else, the best quality for a prospective surrogate to have is the altruistic and generous desire to help create a family where there may not have been one before. Indeed, this desire is a requirement for becoming a surrogate, and many surrogacy professionals will ask about this if you’re considering becoming a surrogate. If you, like many surrogates, have wanted to help create families for a long time, surrogacy will be the perfect path for you.

While these are important signs that a woman will make a great surrogate, they are also just a few of the qualifications of surrogacy. To learn more about whether you will be a good surrogate with American Surrogacy, contact a surrogacy specialist to discuss the specifics of our surrogacy program.

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