Can I Be a Surrogate if My Tubes are Tied?

If you’ve been wondering “can I still be a surrogate with my tubes tied” the answer is yes. We tell you how.

Maybe you’re done having your own children, but you want to help other intended parents achieve their goals of parenthood. While tubal ligation or having your ‘tubes tied’ can be a permanent solution to preventing you from having your own children, you can still carry an embryo to term.

If you’ve been wondering “can I still be a surrogate with my tubes tied” the answer is yes.

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What Does it Mean to Have Your “Tubes Tied?”

Tubal ligation, commonly referred to as “getting your tubes tied,” is a surgical procedure performed on individuals, typically women, as a permanent method of contraception. During this procedure, a surgeon seals or blocks the fallopian tubes, which are the pathways through which eggs travel from the ovaries to the uterus.

By obstructing or cutting these tubes, the procedure prevents sperm from meeting an egg, thereby making pregnancy highly unlikely. Tubal ligation is considered a highly effective and irreversible method of birth control, providing individuals with long-term reproductive control and freedom from the need for ongoing contraception. While it is a significant decision due to its permanent nature, it offers peace of mind for those seeking to end their fertility journey or prevent unintended pregnancies.

How Can I Be a Surrogate With My Tubes Tied?

While many women who choose to have their tubes tied believe they can’t get pregnant on their own again, you may still be able to carry an embryo to term. A tubal ligation just prevents your own eggs from coming down from the ovaries to the uterus. You can still have your period and ovulate through you cycle, though. Some potential surrogates who have gone through the procedure ask “can I be surrogate mother after tubal ligation,” especially those who are seriously considering getting it reversed. The answer is that you are a great candidate for surrogacy when you have your tubes tied.

4 Reasons Why Being a “Tubes-Tied” Surrogate Is Great

  1. You have an extremely low risk of getting pregnant with your own child.
    With tubal ligation, you have an almost zero chance of accidentally getting pregnant on your own. This is of course ideal if you’re choosing to become a surrogate mother.
  2. You’re done building your family.
    If you’ve made the choice to have your tubes tied, it’s likely that you are done adding to your own family. This may mean you are in a better position to help others build their own family.
  3. You don’t have to worry about how your fertility will affect your own family planning.
    Surrogacy can come with many risks, including a loss of fertility. When you choose to take your fertility into your own hands with tubal ligation, fertility loss is likely something you’ve already accepted.  
  4. You’re more likely to be emotionally ready for the process.
    Due to the fact that you have gone through tubal ligation, completed your own family goals and have chosen to pursue surrogacy, you are probably a better candidate for the emotional process of surrogacy.

If you want to be a surrogate, don’t let a tubal ligation stop you from pursuing your goals. You absolutely do not need to go through getting the tubal ligation reversed to become a surrogate. If you have questions about the procedure or your condition, contact a surrogacy specialist today.

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