How to Find Couples Looking for a Surrogate

If you’re considering becoming a surrogate, you’re driven to help others experience all that parenthood has to offer. We’re here to help you find the perfect match.

Choosing to be a surrogate is the start of making your dreams of parenthood come true. One of the biggest decisions you have to make during this life-changing journey is to find the best intended parents.

As a full-service, national surrogacy agency, we’ve helped create tens of families and we can help you find couples looking for a surrogate. We will:

  • Create your surrogate profile
  • Show you profiles of people looking for surrogates
  • Set up a conference call with potential matches

To find great intended parents, fill out our easy form.

How to Find Intended Parents

The easiest way to find intended parents for surrogate mothers is to work with us. That’s because our screening process quickly identifies quality intended parents looking for a surrogate without compromising your safety.

We know you can’t wait to begin life with your new family as soon as possible which is why we’ve designed our screening process to be as safe and efficient as possible. This means our intended parents are:

  • 100% committed to surrogacy
  • Physically and emotionally ready for parenthood
  • Living in a safe and viable home in which to raise a child
  • Free of any criminal or legal troubles
  • Financially prepared for surrogacy and for raising a child

Here’s how we find the best intended parents:

Surrogacy Planning Questionnaire

The surrogacy planning questionnaire is part of the initial application to work with us and has an extensive list of questions that let us get to know the intended parents looking for a gestational surrogate.

Their answers to the questionnaire will help shape their family profiles, similar to the surrogate profile we create for you. These profiles are what we show to you to help you learn more about their family and situation.

Home Assessment

These are not a legal requirement for you or people looking for surrogate mothers, but it’s something we reserve the right to do.

The home assessment has a licensed social worker visit the home of the intended parents to go more in-depth with them about their lives and the impact it could have on their journey if you were to choose them.

Background Checks

Both sides must complete a background check to be eligible to go through this journey. Intended parents looking for a surrogate must pass:

  • FBI clearances
  • Criminal background checks
  • Child abuse records checks

Get to Know Couples Looking for a Surrogate

Our screening process is thorough but only you can know who the right match is for the journey you’re embarking on.

A conference call can only do so much but it’s also an opportunity for you to ask questions and get to know the people looking for surrogate mothers on a deeper level.

Consider these three steps when getting to know the intended parents looking for a gestational surrogate:

  • Step 1: Be Prepared: Know what you want to talk about ahead of time, and identify what’s important to you.
  • Step 2: Know Which Questions to Ask: You want to get to know the intended parents but not interrogate them. Talk with your specialists about topics and questions to discuss, as well as what to avoid.
  • Step 3: Ask About Their Profile: If the intended parent profile drew you in for a specific reason, follow up on their profile and learn more about them to see if they’re a perfect match.

7 Tips for How to Find Intended Parents and Have a Healthy Relationship

Surrogacy changes the lives of everyone involved. The relationship you have with the intended parents is a partnership, you’re both in it together and having a healthy relationship will help make the process that much easier.

Here are seven tips to keep in mind when building that relationship:

  • Intended parents have no control over their pregnancy
  • Create a schedule for updates during the pregnancy
  • Be open and honest about your needs
  • Be accepting of the intended parents’ desires
  • Share your pregnancy experience with the intended parents
  • Treat the parents as you’d like to be treated
  • Reach out to your surrogacy specialist

If you’re ready to help someone’s dreams of parenthood come true, contact us today to learn more about our intended parents.

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