Surrogacy for Gay Parents: Celebrating Pride and Parenthood

Through the stories of surrogacy for gay parents that we’ve worked with, we witness the profound impact of surrogacy and the essence of family.

Family is more than just a biological connection. In today’s diverse and evolving society, stories of gay surrogacy demonstrate the power of love and determination in creating families. These heartfelt journeys of gay intended parents we’ve helped have the family of their dreams highlight the path through the surrogacy process to the joy of parenthood.

Each narrative is a powerful testament to their unwavering commitment and resilience, demonstrating how surrogacy turns dreams of parenthood into reality. Through these stories, we witness the profound impact of surrogacy, fostering acceptance, equality and the true essence of family.

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Gay Surrogacy Stories from American Surrogacy

Michael and Viet’s Story

For Michael and Viet, becoming parents was the next step in their journey together as a couple. As they considered their family-building options, surrogacy stood out as a way to share a biological connection to their child.

“Surrogacy just gave us an opportunity to complete our family and it completely changed our lives,” says Viet. “We looked at adoption and at the time there was a two year waiting process and the fees were just about the same so we though why don’t we just go through surrogacy and have someone that is part of me in our family which was something we also really wanted.”

After meeting their surrogate, Alissandra, Michael knew she was the person who they wanted to help grow their family.

“The first meeting with our surrogacy Alissandra I definitely felt like it was an instant connection and it was an amazing match because the reasons why she wanted to this were very heartfelt,” says Michael.

It was as if their family grew by two through surrogacy. “After we started the whole process we just got really close and we were a family I felt,” Viet says.

The birth of Michael and Viet’s son through surrogacy fulfilled them in ways they never could have imagined. Viet recalls the first time he held his son.

“The birth of our son was amazing. Alissandra had just given birth and the nurses handed him to me and I just couldn’t believe after all the years and everything we went through that he was finally here.  I was holding my little boy in my arms and he was perfect.”

“My son has filled a part of my existence and should and heart with a love that I just never knew existed,” Michael adds.

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Nicholas’s Story

Surrogacy for gay parents isn’t limited to couples. Nicholas, a single gay man, wanted to have a family. Having a genetic connection to his child was important to him, but he worried that surrogacy wouldn’t be an option on his own.

“You first say, ‘Forget it; it’s too complicated, it’s too risky,” Nicholas says. “And then you start to talking to some people and understanding that it is possible to do so if you really want to, so then you have to sleep on it — and then one day realize this is not just an option, but you can do it.”

After finding American Surrogacy, Nicholas’s surrogacy specialist presented him with Nichole’s surrogate profile. Within moments of getting to know her, he knew she was the perfect fit. “We talked to each other, and it seemed really natural,” he remembers. “But what made me sure that Nichole was perfect was because she came across really genuine, and she wasn’t doing it for the money but truly to help.”

The day Julian, Nicholas’s son was born, was the day his life changed forever.

“I had been waiting for so long that… when I saw Julian, I was just completely overwhelmed,” Nicholas remembers. “It was such a wonderful experience to see Julian coming into our world.”

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How American Surrogacy Facilitates Surrogacy for Gay Parents

 For all of our intended parents, we work tirelessly to help them find the perfect surrogate match as soon as possible.

“Within a few weeks of making first contact, American Surrogacy told us we have a very, very strong match for you,” Michael remembers. “It was a really wonderful match. I wish all intended parents to have such a wonderful match like that.”

We help you find the right surrogate for you by showing you profiles of surrogates who possess the qualities you want in the person who will carry your child. We put the best interests of you and your future child at the forefront.

 “You need someone that you’re going to trust to choose a surrogate for you, and American Surrogacy was the only agency I felt comfortable with and was genuine enough for me to choose over the other agencies,” Nicholas remembers. “I spoke to many surrogacy agencies — small and big — and none of them made me feel the way American Surrogacy made me feel.”

We’re here for you every step of the way throughout your surrogacy journey.

“The staff at American Surrogacy made our experience really good. We spoke to [our surrogacy specialist] and she was just comfortable to talk to,” says Viet. “She reassured us when we needed it. Every time we called her, she always answered the phone. They’re very supportive and invested in our process.”

“The whole thing is to truly find people like [my surrogacy specialist], who have experience, patience and care for what you go through,” says Nicholas. “This is such a wonderful journey because you realize you’re not alone, and it gets easier than you think.”

Whether you’re an LGBT couple or individual, parenthood is just in reach through our agency. If you’re ready to begin your journey or have questions about surrogacy for gay parents, contact us today.

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