What American Surrogacy is Thankful for This Year

As Thanksgiving comes around, we at American Surrogacy are taking the time to express all of the things we are grateful for this year. For many people, the last year has been full of its ups and downs — and that is certainly true for those who have traveled the surrogacy path.

We are thankful for every single person that our team has worked with during the past 12 months. Without you all, our process could not have been possible. It’s because of you that we are able to help so many family-building dreams come true.

With Thanksgiving being a time to reflect, we’d like to give a shout-out to some of the people who we are most thankful for in 2018:

Our Intended Parents

Building your family can be a scary prospect. For those who have spent months or years trying to build their family in the traditional way or with other infertility treatments, deciding to pursue surrogacy can be a monumental decision. We are so grateful that our intended parents have chosen our agency to trust with their parenthood dreams.

We are grateful for the excitement we receive from every new intended parent who contacts our agency. With all of the steps involved in the surrogacy process, it can be easy to forget the big picture. Our intended parents help us remember that. When we hear about the first time an intended parent sees their child in a sonogram, or we are able to see the photos from an intended parent’s first meeting with their child in the delivery room, it reminds us how special this journey is — for all involved.

Our Gestational Carriers

We also know that the joy and love our intended parents feel couldn’t be possible without their gestational carriers. Carrying a child for someone else is no easy feat, and we are so grateful for the women who willingly sacrifice their time, energy and bodies to help someone else become a parent. Without these women, American Surrogacy couldn’t help so many intended parents reach their family-building dreams.

We are so appreciative of all our gestational carriers who have worked with our agency thus far, and we are so proud of the women who have already given the gift of life this year! We love seeing the selflessness of our carriers and the beautiful relationships they build with their intended parents. Just like their surrogacy partners do, our gestational carriers remind us every day that what we do is special and makes a difference.

Our Surrogacy Specialists

There are a few people who are instrumental in helping all of our intended parents and gestational carriers to achieve their surrogacy dreams: our surrogacy specialists Angie and Wade.

If you didn’t already know, surrogacy is a family-building process that involves a lot of moving parts and complicated aspects. Coordinating with all the necessary professionals in a surrogacy process and navigating this journey with intended parents and gestational carriers is a difficult job, but our specialists handle it with grace and confidence. A lot of their work happens out of view, but it doesn’t mean it’s out of mind.

So, as Thanksgiving rapidly approaches, American Surrogacy wants to take a moment to appreciate all of those who make our agency’s work possible — intended parents, gestational carriers, and surrogacy specialists. Our appreciation also goes out to the surrogacy attorneys and medical professionals we work with, as well as the family members and friends that support our clients through this complicated family-building process. Without you, American Surrogacy could not exist. Thank you!

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