About American Surrogacy

How Our Family's Story Can Be Part
Of Your Family's Story


"American Surrogacy has created a program that is forward thinking; it is child-focused, caring and compassionate. Their acceptance of all kinds of loving families and their support of ongoing relationships between the parties truly embodies the best interest of the child."

Sharon Roszia, respected adoption professional of 50 years and a recipient of the prestigious Angel in Adoption Award.

American Surrogacy provides complete surrogacy services to prospective surrogates across the country and prospective intended parents around the world. We're ready to help you in whatever capacity you need, and you can get started with our professionals today by calling 1-800-875-2229(BABY).

But, with so many surrogacy professionals out there to choose from, why should you choose to work with American Surrogacy? We know deciding on a surrogacy professional for this life-changing journey is a big deal, which is why our specialists are always happy to answer any of your questions and help you learn more about our program when you contact them anytime.

Here's what you should know about our organization before working with us — what makes American Surrogacy what it is today:

American Surrogacy’s History

American Surrogacy’s story begins with one man: Scott Mars.

More than 25 years ago, Scott Mars had an idea: to create a better family-building process. As an adoptee himself, he had experience in several aspects of the adoption process, including his own private domestic infant adoption and his time as a foster sibling when his parents opened up their home to children in need of a temporary placement. Thinking about what he and his parents had gone through, he decided to join them and create a brand new adoption agency. Thus, our sister agency American Adoptions was formed.

Scott Mars and his parents, Ted and Susan Mars, founded American Adoptions in 1991, dedicated to completing adoptions with each party’s best interest in mind — especially the adoptee’s and the prospective birth mother’s. American Adoptions has continued perfecting their adoptee-centered adoption programs by working with several of the children (now adults) whose adoptions they completed. They are also dedicated to providing pre- and post-placement support to women considering adoption in a way few other adoption agencies today do.

This adoptee- and birth-mother-focused approach, along with other exclusive adoption services, has made American Adoptions a pioneer in the industry. The national agency currently participates in and completes hundreds of adoptions each year, has built thousands of families since it was founded, and is viewed as one of the most reputable adoption agencies in the country.

For Mars, adoption was more than a business — it was a personal opportunity to give back to those who helped bring him and his parents together when he was just 10 days old.

While completing their infant adoptions, the American Adoptions staff began to hear a recurring idea from their adoption attorneys who also practice surrogacy law: As surrogacy continued to increase in popularity, so too did the need for a more child-focused and surrogate-supportive approach. What was missing from modern surrogacies was an agency like American Adoptions.

So, Scott Mars started thinking about the difference he and his team could make in another family-building process: gestational surrogacy. For Mars, adoption was just the tip of the iceberg; there was a brand new way of building families out there, and he wanted to help those hopeful parents, too.

“What happens right now is, individually, each person — whether that be an adoption agency or fertility specialist — is telling you everything about their practice. But, they don’t know everything about where you are truly at and all of the family-building methods,” Mars says. “We really believe that there has to be more ways to help people.”

So, he got together with a team of experienced adoption professionals to build a new kind of surrogacy agency. They knew what the advantages were of using positive approaches in their adoption organization, and it made sense to them to found a surrogacy agency with the same ideals. Thus, American Surrogacy was founded in 2013 and has been providing exemplary services to intended parents and surrogates ever since.

Surrogacy and Adoption

Surrogacy and adoption require very different processes, laws and services. However, Scott Mars and his surrogacy professionals believe the core values American Adoptions was built upon and has perfected over the years can also make the surrogacy process an easier and lower-stress journey for intended parents and surrogates.

First, our surrogacy professionals come from a background in family-building with American Adoptions. Our agency director, Angie Newkirk, worked for years as an adoption specialist with our sister agency before transitioning to her role as a surrogacy specialist. She brings that experience to every surrogacy journey she completes, providing unparalleled support and guidance for intended parents and gestational carriers.

But, how else is American Surrogacy different from other surrogacy agencies? Taking Mars’ adoption experience into account, we founded our agency with a few key services at the forefront:

  • Openness – Encourage and facilitate communication between surrogates and intended parents, which will benefit the child born via surrogacy in a variety of ways throughout his or her life, including with identity formation.
  • Support – Provide unrivaled support to surrogates throughout the surrogacy process and postpartum support for years after its completion.
  • Screening – Go above and beyond industry standards to ensure every surrogate and intended parent is physically and emotionally prepared for surrogacy.
  • Matching – Create the absolute best matches through the use of our state-of-the-art database and exclusive surrogacy profiles.
  • Case Management – Confidence that every step of the surrogacy process will be overseen by our staff, with our focus on each party’s physical, emotional, legal and financial well-being. 

When you work with American Surrogacy, you have more than just our experience as surrogacy professionals at your disposal; you will also have more than 25 years of family-building experience and support. American Surrogacy helps more intended parents and gestational carriers bring children into the world each year, and we are honored that you are considering us for your surrogacy journey.

Thank you for checking out American Surrogacy, and please contact us to learn more about our surrogacy services!