Surrogacy in Springfield, MO

Springfield Surrogacy Agencies, Attorneys and More

Looking for surrogacy resources in Springfield, Missouri? Look no further – find an extensive list of agencies, attorneys, clinics and more available to help you start your journey today.

If you’re considering surrogacy in Springfield, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re wondering how to become an intended parent or how to be a surrogate in Springfield, MO, you’ll find all the information and local resources you need here.

When you start your surrogacy journey, you will have to make a few big decisions about which professionals to use along the way. Because surrogacy can be a complicated family-building process, you will need the assistance of experienced professionals to make sure you complete it safely, ethically and legally. These professionals will often include Springfield surrogacy attorneys, surrogacy clinics and prenatal medical professionals.

If choosing the right Springfield surrogacy professionals seems like a headache to you, you have an easier option — to work with a Springfield surrogacy agency, which will guide you through this process from beginning to end.

Interested? Look no further than American Surrogacy — a national surrogacy agency with a local feel for Springfield residents like you.

Let American Surrogacy Be Your Surrogacy Program in Springfield, Missouri

For many people considering a surrogacy in Springfield, MO, a surrogacy agency can seem like the perfect fit.

An agency is like a “one-stop shop” for all your surrogacy needs, providing case management and support throughout the journey, coordinating with your other professionals, and ensuring that all the details are handled by experienced specialists. This offers a great advantage to many people, whether they are new to the Missouri surrogacy process or are seasoned veterans.

So, how do you choose the surrogacy program in Springfield, Missouri, that is right for you?

Your choice of surrogacy agency will always be up to you. You can choose to work with a regional surrogacy agency or a national surrogacy program. No matter which option you pick, you should always interview the agency and its professionals in depth to decide whether they can provide the services and support you need during your journey.

At American Surrogacy, we understand that not every surrogacy program in Springfield, Missouri, is right for everyone. That’s why we’re dedicated to answering all of your questions and addressing your concerns before you decide our agency is right for you. Our clients always come first in our surrogacy journeys, which is why we provide services such as:

  • Screening and background checks to ensure each party is eligible for the surrogacy process
  • Matching with the perfect gestational carrier or intended parent(s)
  • Mediating contact between both parties
  • Coordinating with other surrogacy professionals
  • Managing each surrogacy case and its details to allow parties to focus on a healthy pregnancy and surrogacy relationship
  • Working with insurance professionals to ensure proper coverage
  • Providing counseling and support every step of the way
  • And more

While our agency has all the benefits of a national program (such as a large network of intended parents and gestational carriers to choose from), we can also provide a regional feel to our surrogacy clients. Our headquarters are located within the Kansas City metropolitan area, which means our specialists are especially experienced in the Missouri surrogacy laws and processes that will affect your journey. Our references to local surrogacy professionals will also come from our past experiences with them, not other professionals’ recommendations.

If you wish to learn more about how our agency can guide you through your Springfield surrogacy, please contact our specialists today at 1-800-875-2229(BABY).

Not sure whether surrogacy is the right family-building option for you? We encourage you to contact infertility counselor Kris Probasco for more information on your infertility options.

Springfield Surrogacy Attorneys

Whether you work with an agency or not to complete your surrogacy in Springfield, MO, you will still need to work with a local Missouri surrogacy attorney.

While there are currently no surrogacy laws in Missouri regulating this process, there are still important legal protocols that must be followed. Only by working with an experienced attorney can you protect yourself during this journey.

Fortunately, there are many local Missouri and Springfield surrogacy attorneys to consider for this journey. Your attorney will be responsible for ensuring your surrogacy meets legal requirements, drafting your legal surrogacy contract and submitting any necessary parental orders after the baby is born. Both parties will need separate legal representation to proceed.

Our surrogacy specialists are happy to offer references to local Missouri surrogacy attorneys if you work with us. However, the ultimate decision is always up to you. Here are a few surrogacy lawyers that you might consider:

Springfield Surrogacy Clinics

In addition to a surrogacy attorney, every intended parent and gestational carrier in Springfield will need to work with a surrogacy clinic, also known as a fertility clinic.

These medical professionals are responsible for most of the medical processes of surrogacy, including:

  • Medical screening for surrogacy eligibility
  • Medical preparation for a gestational carrier’s embryo transfer process
  • Embryo transfer
  • And confirmation of pregnancy

In many cases, intended parents already have a fertility clinic in mind when they start the surrogacy process. So, if you are interested in how to be a surrogate in Springfield, MO, you will likely find yourself working with your intended parents’ clinic for your medical process. Don’t worry if it is not local; they will pay for your travel costs.

If you’re an intended parent and not sure of which surrogacy clinic to use, you can often find one regionally. Some of these local surrogacy clinics include:

Springfield Professionals for Prenatal and Maternal Care and Delivery

One of the last professionals you’ll need in any surrogacy in Springfield, Missouri, is a local obstetrician and hospital at which to deliver.

While a gestational carrier will travel to her intended parents’ surrogacy clinic for the embryo transfer process, she has the right to work with a local medical professional for prenatal care and for her childbirth process. All of these medical costs will be covered by her intended parents.

If you, as a gestational carrier in Springfield, have a local OB/GYN you wish to use, tell your surrogacy specialist. If you don’t yet have an obstetrician in mind, there are a few local options for you:

Which professionals you choose for your Springfield surrogacy will play a large role in your personal surrogacy plan. To start creating that plan today, or to simply learn more about the process of surrogacy in this city, please contact American Surrogacy.