5 Reasons to Become a Surrogate

By choosing to become a surrogate, you have the opportunity to make a profound impact on hopeful intended parents, providing a life-changing service to those who are unable to become parents on their own.

Becoming a surrogate is a choice that holds the power to change not only the lives of intended parents, but also your own.  

By becoming a surrogate, you can manifest your empathy and compassion in a meaningful way. Surrogacy allows you to embark on a journey of personal growth, forging deep connections and fostering a sense of purpose that comes from knowing you have made a profound difference in the lives of others — all while earning meaningful income for your family.

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1.  Give an Amazing Couple a Life-Changing Gift

When you become a surrogate for intended parents, you’re giving the gift of parenthood. Your service will allow hopeful individuals or couples to experience the joy, love and fulfillment that come with raising a child. Through your decision, you become a catalyst for bringing a child into the arms of those who have longed to grow or start their family.  

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2. Experience the Joys of Pregnancy

Becoming a surrogate gives you the opportunity to experience the joy of carrying a baby even if your own family is complete.

Through the surrogacy process, you have the unique privilege of feeling the first kicks, witnessing the growth and development of a precious life and experiencing the anticipation and excitement of your due date. With the intended parents, you’ll get to share in the milestones and cherished moments that accompany pregnancy.

3. Receive Competitive Compensation

As you carry a child for intended parents, you’ll have the opportunity to receive competitive compensation for your invaluable services. This compensation honors the physical, emotional and time commitments that you dedicate to the surrogacy process.  

The compensation you receive is yours to spend however you want and can help you to fulfill personal goals, provide for your family or save for future endeavors. When you choose us for your surrogacy journey, we can help you feel empowered and appreciated through fair compensation as you bring the gift of parenthood to others.

4. Form a Life-Long Bond

Surrogacy creates an opportunity for you to forge a bond with intended parents that can last a lifetime. Throughout the surrogacy journey, you will share in the hopes and dreams associated with bringing a child into the world. Thanks to our thorough screening process, you can feel confident that your intended parents will be wonderful to work with.

5. You Will Have Our All-Encompassing Support

When you pursue surrogacy through reputable agencies like American Surrogacy, we will provide consistent support throughout your entire surrogacy journey. We offer comprehensive guidance, from matching you with intended parents who align with your values and goals, to providing legal, medical and emotional support every step of the way.

By working with an agency like ours, you can find reassurance, guidance and a sense of community, knowing that you have a dedicated team supporting you throughout your surrogacy process.

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