How to Choose the Best Surrogacy Agency

You deserve the best support on your surrogacy journey. Our commitment to providing the shortest wait times, and financial certainty has helped us become a leading surrogacy agency.

If you're considering surrogacy to start or grow your family, you want to work with a surrogacy agency that provides the best possible support and personalized service throughout the process.

The agency you choose can make or break your experience during the process. Many intended parents have found American Surrogacy to be the best surrogacy agency for three key reasons:

1. Short Match Times

One of the most significant benefits that sets our intended parent program apart from other agencies is our ability to provide the shortest match times in the industry.

With our 1:1 intended parent-to-surrogate ratio, we can help you find a perfect match in an average of 30 - 90 days. Unlike other agencies, we successfully manage our families list, which enables us to provide you with the quickest path toward creating the family of your dreams.

This is a significant advantage when compared to our competitors, who often have much longer wait times of 12-24 months and may not be able to provide the same level of personalized service and attention to detail that we do.

2. Safety and Experience

With over 13,000 families created through our surrogacy and adoption services, we are dedicated to seeing your dream of starting a family fulfilled.

We provide a thorough screening process for both intended parents and surrogate mothers to ensure that all parties involved are healthy, responsible and committed to the surrogacy journey.  Through 30 years of family-building experience, we have worked with a large number of medical and legal professionals who oversee the entire process, from fertility clinics, OBGYN’s hospitals and attorneys.

We also include legal services from an Assisted Reproductive Technology attorney who will represent you and another attorney to represent the surrogate. In contrast, many of our competitors may not have the same level of care or support, which can leave you feeling vulnerable or uncertain about the surrogacy process.

We believe that providing continuous support to our intended parents is essential to ensuring a positive and successful surrogacy experience. That's why our surrogacy specialists will be by your side throughout the process and can provide guidance, education and support whenever it's needed.

3. Financial Certainty

We understand that financially investing in surrogacy means investing in the future of your cherished family. That's why we offer a fixed fee structure that provides financial certainty to you throughout the surrogacy journey.

 Our flat fee includes all of the necessary services you need to have a safe and successful surrogacy experience, such as:

  • Intended parent and surrogate legal fees
  • Surrogate compensation
  • Unlimited matching
  • Travel and lodging
  • Medical screening and local monitoring
  • Continuous support and education
  • Marketing and advertising

This ensures that you’re not hit with unexpected fees along the way. You’ve dealt with enough unpredictability. You deserve the space to savor the excitement and anticipation of this journey.

While our flat fee encompasses a significant amount of your surrogacy journey, you’ll also want to be aware of what is not covered in our flat fee, such as:

  •  IVF and embryo transfer. You will pay for each transfer.

Other organizations may have hidden fees or a more complex fee structure that can be difficult to understand, causing added stress and uncertainty. If an agency can’t lay out its expenses from the start, its cost is likely too good to be true. With our transparent flat fee structure, we strive to grant you confidence through clarity.

Want to learn more about what sets us apart from the rest? Call 1-800-875-2229 or fill out our online form.