Get to Know the Intended Parents in 3 Meaningful Ways

Getting to know the intended parents establishes a foundation of trust and understanding throughout the surrogacy journey. Building a personal connection allows for open communication, mutual respect, and the chance to form a lasting bond.

Building a connection with the intended parents is crucial to a successful surrogacy journey, and we are here to help.

By getting to know each other on a deeper level, you and the intended parents can navigate the journey together, share milestones, celebrate successes and create a bond that can last a lifetime.

When it comes to creating this bond, there are three key factors you should know.

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1. Talk About Your Surrogacy Goals

By openly addressing expectations, preferences and concerns, you and the intended parents can establish a solid understanding of each other's perspectives and desires. This open dialogue creates an environment of trust, fostering a strong bond that will carry you through the surrogacy experience together. It also enables you and intended parents to create an environment here everyone feels comfortable voicing their needs as you move forward in the surrogacy journey.

By engaging in meaningful conversations about the surrogacy process, you and the intended parents can forge a deep connection and lay the groundwork for a fulfilling partnership.

2. Share the Big Moments

Sharing milestones with your intended parents is an important part of forming a strong and trusting relationship with the intended parents. These experiences together can create a sense of unity and emotional connection between you and the intended parents.

Walking through this process together, you will both be an active part of the journey. Your intended parents will be there to witness and experience the significant moments that lead to achieving their dreams of parenthood.

Things like attending medical appointments, sharing ultrasound images and providing updates on the pregnancy can laying the groundwork for a lifelong connection between you and the intended parents.

3. Trust Your Surrogacy Specialist

Trusting the guidance and expertise of surrogacy specialists is valuable when getting to know the intended parents. Our specialists have over 30 years of experience in facilitating successful surrogacy journeys and are equipped with the knowledge to ensure a perfect match between you and the intended parents.

By placing trust in your specialist, you can feel confident that the intended parents you match with have undergone thorough screening, and that their values and expectations align with your own.

Your surrogacy specialists serve as a reliable source of information, support and mediation, keeping an open line of communication between you and the intended parents. You can lean on your surrogacy specialist knowing that they are dedicated to promoting well-being and facilitating a successful surrogacy experience for you and the intended parents whose lives you’re changing.

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