What it Feels Like to Be a Surrogate

Being a surrogate is an experience that brings pride in helping someone finally become a parent, a sense of purpose and positively impacting your family through surrogacy compensation.

As a surrogate mother, you are the key to helping intended parents fulfill their dreams of having a child, witnessing the happiness and gratitude that they experience while also earning the highest compensation that allows you to do something amazing for your family.

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In the meantime, here's what it can feel like to become a surrogate mother.

Feelings You’ll Experience as a Surrogate

Pride for Helping Someone's Dream Come True

You are the key to someone finally becoming a parent, and a deep sense of pride is associated with that. You'll feel deeply appreciated by the intended parents for the service you're providing. Throughout the journey, you'll receive continuous support, admiration, and respect from your intended parents, who recognize the commitment and love you pour into the process. This appreciation is not limited to words but is often demonstrated through gestures of gratitude and the establishment of deep and lasting bonds.

A Sense of Purpose

One of the most prevalent emotions that surrogates experience is a deep sense of fulfillment and purpose. Knowing that you have the power to bring the joy of parenthood to individuals or couples who are unable to conceive on their own is an incredibly rewarding feeling.

By becoming a surrogate, you are playing a pivotal role in creating a family and bringing happiness to the intended parents.

The Joy of Pregnancy

Even if your own family is complete, surrogacy allows you to experience the joys of pregnancy, from the excitement of seeing that positive pregnancy test to hearing the baby’s heartbeat through an ultrasound.

You not only get to experience these highs yourself, but you get to share them with the intended parents whose dreams you’re making come true. The memories you’ll create with them throughout your surrogacy journey will last a lifetime.

How Surrogacy Can Positively Impact Your Life

Earn Compensation for Your Family

Through the amazing service you're providing, you will earn the highest financial compensation, providing a valuable means of support for your family. We will ensure that you are fairly compensated for the amazing gift you're giving the intended parents you partner with. You can earn money through various components of our compensation package, including base pay, medical expenses, counseling and additional allowances.

This financial support can help you achieve personal goals, whether paying off debts, saving for your children's education or providing for their family's needs. Surrogacy can give you the chance to positively impact your own life while helping others fulfill their dreams of parenthood.

Form Lasting Bonds

One of the most amazing aspects of being a surrogate is the opportunity to form a deep bond with the intended parents. The relationship between surrogates and intended parents can evolve into a genuine connection built on trust, mutual respect and shared dreams. This bond can extend beyond the birth of the child, as you'll have the opportunity to maintain a lasting relationship with the intended parents.

Because of our thorough screening process, you can be confident that you'll be matched with great intended parents who are a joy to work with.

Learn More About Yourself

Surrogacy will encourage self-reflection, emotional maturity and the ability to navigate various situations. It requires you to develop a deep understanding of your own desires, boundaries and motivations for choosing this path. Through the twists and turns along the way, you will emerge with a heightened sense of self.

Being a surrogate is a beautiful experience that provides you with an opportunity to create a lasting impact on the lives of intended parents while adding so much to your own life. Through the selfless path of surrogacy, you not only bring the gift of parenthood to others but also experience a journey of self-discovery.

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