How Many Times Can You Be a Surrogate?

Become a Career Surrogate

If you’re wondering “How many times can you be a surrogate?” then here’s what you need to know about becoming a career surrogate.

Whether you’re stepping into the world of surrogacy for the first time or have been a surrogate before, it’s a decision that can change the lives of a couple longing to be parents.

So, how many times can you be a surrogate? Becoming a surrogate shows incredible kindness and support for those who have been waiting to start or expand their families. That's why we believe you deserve the highest compensation to acknowledge and appreciate the incredible impact you make.

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How Many Times Can You Be a Surrogate?

So, how often can you be a surrogate? There is technically no limit to the amount of times you can be a surrogate. However, while there is no set limit, certain agencies will have guidelines in place for your safety. 

Our guidelines exist solely to protect and prioritize your well-being. To become a career surrogate with us, you cannot have more than five vaginal births and no more than three C-sections. Your safety is our top priority. While we admire your dedication to helping parents grow their families, these requirements are in place to make your surrogate experience the best it can be.

What is a Career Surrogate?

A career surrogate is someone who dedicates themselves to carrying babies for intended parents multiple times, considering surrogacy as a long-term commitment or profession. Unlike a one-time surrogacy journey, a career surrogate chooses to repeatedly help parents build their families.

If you’re wondering, “How many times can you be a surrogate mother?” this probably isn’t the first time you’ve embarked on this journey. One of the benefits of being a career surrogate is that you have an understanding of the surrogacy process, often completing several successful journeys. You know exactly what to expect and are fully prepared for the path ahead.

How Much Can I Get Paid as a Career Surrogate?

Career surrogates, having completed multiple surrogacy journeys, often earn $60,000-$110,000 due to their invaluable expertise in navigating the surrogacy process. Their established track record of success assures intended parents of their preparedness, reliability and profound understanding of the journey, helping to reduce potential risks and complications.

When you’re wondering, “How many times can you be a surrogate?” know that as a career surrogate, you can be eligible to earn more meaningful income for your family than if you were a first-time surrogate. You’re giving the incredible gift of parenthood and we want to make sure you’re rewarded for continuously being the hero in someone else’s story.

How Many Attempts Are There for Surrogacy?

If the pregnancy doesn't go as expected, the next steps will depend on what you and the intended parents agreed upon beforehand. When the surrogacy contract is drafted, you’ll decide a set number of times you’re both willing to try again.

Whether it's giving it another shot using different methods or following a different course of action, we'll work according to the agreement everyone's on board with. When you’re wondering, “How many times can you be a surrogate?” our main goal is to support both you and the intended parents through this process, focusing on the ultimate goal of bringing a child into their loving family.

Our Commitment to You

If you’re wondering, “How many times can you be a surrogate?” you’re making the heroic choice to help fulfill a couple’s dreams to become parents. We know how much you enjoy the beautiful journey of surrogacy and we’re always here to support you at every step.

Although compensation can vary, we’re ready to help you create a brighter future for your family by helping you earn meaningful income for the valuable role you play in giving the gift of parenthood. Whether you’re wondering How often can you be a surrogate?” or are embarking on this journey for the first time, becoming a surrogate with our agency has never been easier.

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