Considering Becoming a Surrogate? Here's What You Need to Know

Are you considering being a surrogate? Here’s what you need to know before you begin your journey.

If you’re considering being a surrogate, you’re already exploring a path that could lead to an amazing, life-changing experience. However, there are important aspects of the process that you need to know before beginning this journey.

These essential details will help you understand what being a surrogate involves and if it’s the right path for you. Being a surrogate means offering an incredible gift – helping others create their families. We’re here to help ensure you’re ready for this impactful journey. Here’s everything you need to know about being a surrogate.

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7 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Surrogate

1. There are certain requirements you must meet

Before considering being a surrogate, there is an extensive screening process that all surrogates must complete. This ensures that you’re physically, mentally and emotionally ready to be a surrogate. The requirements include:

  • Age range 21-40

  • At least one prior successful pregnancy

  • You are currently raising a child

This careful process aims to prioritize the safety and success of your overall surrogate journey. We will help you understand these requirements to help you move forward with the screening process with confidence.

2. You will need to dedicate 1-2 years to the surrogacy process

Being a surrogate is a significant commitment that may require a major life adjustment. Before considering being a surrogate, make sure you’re ready for the time commitment it’ll require. From medical appointments to following specific health guidelines, the process may require temporary life adjustments.

Make sure you think about any big trips you have planned, if you’re thinking about moving and any other endeavors you may have planned for the future. Although the process can be rewarding, it’s important to consider the time constraints before you begin your journey.

3. Your family may be affected by the process

Becoming a surrogate isn’t just an individual decision; it can also impact your family dynamics. Open communication and ensuring everyone understands the process can help you move forward with confidence. Once you have your family on board, you can be on the right track toward a beautiful and rewarding experience.

When you’re thinking of being a surrogate, you can receive the highest compensation possible to better your family’s lives. Our surrogate compensation package starts at $60,000+ and is yours to spend however you like.  Whether that’s taking your family on a vacation, buying your dream house or starting a college fund for your kids, surrogacy can also be a way to create a brighter future for yourself and your family.  

Not only was I able to do some renovations in my home I was able to set up my son’s college fund and that’s something that we set aside. This journey was for the experience and then the financial compensation was definitely a plus for the future.” – Testimonial from a surrogate mother.

4. You’ll need a strong support system

Having a support system in place throughout the surrogacy process can help you have a smooth, stress-free experience. When you’re considering being a surrogate, you’ll greatly benefit from having people you can rely on who will be in your corner.

Whether it’s family, friends or a surrogacy support group, their encouragement and understanding can make a huge difference. This isn’t a journey you should go on your own. Our counselors can always connect you with support groups if you need them.

5. You’ll need to prioritize having a healthy pregnancy

A healthy pregnancy is the ultimate goal throughout the surrogacy process. When you’re thinking about being a surrogate, you’ll need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, follow medical advice and attend prenatal appointments.

Your commitment to following these guidelines can significantly contribute to the overall success of the surrogacy. Your specialist will work with you to ensure you’re having a safe, healthy pregnancy.

6. You Won't Receive Your Surrogate Pay Right Away

When you’re considering being a surrogate, you’re guaranteed a surrogate compensation package of $50,000 to $110,000 depending on factors such as cost of living and current income.

Once a pregnancy is confirmed, the base pay is paid out in 10 equal monthly payments. These payments are managed by an escrow service we partner with to ensure your income is secure. This money is yours to use to improve you and your family's lives however you see fit, and won't be needed to cover surrogacy and pregnancy expenses – we cover those as part of your surrogate compensation package. You'll receive a monthly stipend once you sign your surrogacy contract and before you begin the medical process to cover out-of-pocket expenses such as local travel, maternity clothes, etc.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest compensation possible to reward you for the time, energy and sacrifices you make in the process.

To learn more about surrogate pay, check out this resource or use our surrogate compensation calculator to see how much you qualify for.

7. The surrogacy process may affect your emotional well-being

Carrying a baby that isn’t yours can be an emotionally challenging experience. But, this is the emotional depth that makes the experience so unique. You hold the power to give the priceless gift of parenthood to a couple who is unable to conceive on their own.

Through your kindness and generosity, you can create miracles bringing immeasurable joy and fulfillment to hopeful parents who have dreamed of welcoming a child into their arms.

When you’re thinking about being a surrogate, just know that if you experience any emotional challenges throughout the process, your specialist will be there to help you navigate these emotions.

I chose to be a surrogate because I wanted to have a bigger purpose. Some people who desire this one thing that they just can’t have and I couldn’t imagine someone who wants that and is not able to experience it. I chose American surrogacy because I wanted to have an experienced team behind me that I knew I could go to if I had questions or needed extra support. That support was so strong that I felt confident to take on anything that was coming.” – Testimonial from a surrogate mother.

Although there are challenges to being a surrogate, the experience can also be incredibly rewarding knowing that you’re helping create a family. If you feel ready to embark on this journey, fill out our contact form to see if you qualify to become a surrogate. You can also text us at 913-204-0224 to connect with a surrogacy specialist.