How Does Insurance Work With a Surrogate?

How We Ensure You’re Always Covered

If you’re wondering how insurance works with a surrogate, then here’s what you need to know and how we always ensure you’re covered.

When it comes to surrogacy insurance, there are a couple routes that can be taken to cover surrogacy and medical costs. Whether you use your own insurance or surrogate insurance provided for you, we’ll ensure your surrogacy journey is covered.

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If you’re intended parents looking for more information about surrogacy insurance, check out this resource.

How Does Insurance Work With a Surrogate?

When you apply to be a surrogate, we conduct an insurance review to determine if your existing coverage includes a surrogacy pregnancy. If needed, we can provide you with a supplement plan, ensuring that your entire surrogacy pregnancy and delivery are covered.

We work hard to find you intended parents who can provide you with surrogate-friendly insurance coverage. We’ll evaluate your coverage options to find you a new plan that puts you in a better position. If any expenses aren’t covered by your surrogate insurance, your surrogate compensation package will cover these costs.

What If I Don’t Have Insurance Coverage for a Surrogate Pregnancy?

For those without insurance, we work with intended parents who are ready to provide you with the coverage you need. If for some reason there are gaps in your coverage, your surrogate compensation accounts for any additional expenses that may accrue.

With American Surrogacy, you’ll never have to worry about paying any out-of-pocket expenses. Your surrogate compensation package is designed to cover any additional costs that may arise, ensuring financial stability and peace of mind as you navigate this journey. You’ll also receive a base compensation that goes directly into your pocket. The amount ranges anywhere from $50,000-$110,000 depending on your location and experience with surrogacy.

What’s Included in Surrogate Insurance Coverage?

What’s included in your surrogate insurance depends on your surrogate insurance plan and provider. In most cases, these surrogate medical costs will be partly or fully covered by your insurance:

  • In-vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures

  • Pre-natal expenses like vitamins and pregnancy tests

  • Surrogate medical screening

  • Pregnancy well visits

  • Pregnancy medical care

  • Birth

  • Surrogate medical care after birth

  • The baby’s fetal care before and after birth

  • Medical pregnancy supplies

  • Newborn supplies

How to Get Surrogate Insurance Coverage

When you become a surrogate with our agency, we’ll find you a family that can provide you with the coverage you need. We prioritize your well-being and peace of mind throughout the surrogacy journey. Our commitment to providing comprehensive surrogate insurance coverage reflects our dedication to making your experience as smooth and seamless as possible.

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