How Much Do Surrogates Get Paid Monthly?

If you’re wondering “How much do surrogates get paid monthly?” we’re here to guide you through our surrogate compensation breakdown.

Most jobs come with a paycheck that you receive every other week or once a month. But in so many ways, surrogacy isn’t like other jobs.

This particular job will forever change the lives of a couple who can’t have a baby on their own. But, there’s still compensation involved, and we’ll explain how that works.

Our surrogacy specialists will make sure you are financially supported at every turn of your surrogacy journey. To get a comprehensive surrogate compensation breakdown for your journey, contact us today.

At American Surrogacy, we understand the importance of transparency and support for our surrogates, so let's dive into the details of how much surrogates get paid monthly.

Are Surrogates Paid Monthly?

Yes. Surrogates receive their compensation every month, typically starting from the first month of pregnancy.  Our surrogate compensation package totals out to $50,000 to $100,000+ over the span of your surrogacy journey.

This financial stability can be reassuring and help cover various expenses throughout the surrogacy journey.

How Much Do Surrogates Get Paid Monthly?

Exactly how much you get paid monthly will depend on your surrogate base pay, which is influenced by your experience, the cost of living in your area and income. Your base compensation will be divided into 10 equal monthly payments and will be paid out to you once a pregnancy has been confirmed.

You will also receive a monthly stipend for out-of-pocket expenses like prenatal vitamins, local travel, etc. once you have signed your surrogacy agreement and have begun the medical process. You will receive this payment until 6-8 weeks after delivery.

Do Surrogates Get Paid Upfront?

Surrogate compensation is not paid entirely upfront. Instead, it is distributed in monthly installments throughout the pregnancy and postpartum period. This payment structure ensures that surrogates receive ongoing financial support.

Surrogate Compensation Breakdown

Becoming a surrogate is a generous act that comes with financial rewards. When it comes to answering the question “How much do surrogates get paid monthly” compensation for surrogacy can vary based on several factors, but yes, surrogates do receive monthly payments during their surrogacy journey.

You can calculate your potential surrogate pay with our surrogate compensation calculator.

Base Compensation

Every surrogate receives a base compensation package, which is a fixed monthly payment. This amount is agreed upon before the surrogacy journey begins and is meant to recognize the commitment and time involved in being a surrogate.

Additional Expenses

In addition to the base compensation, surrogates may receive extra payments for specific circumstances. These may include:

  • Medical expenses: Surrogate pay typically covers all medical expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth, ensuring that you do not bear any financial burden for these essential aspects of the surrogacy journey.

  • Legal fees: Surrogate pay often covers all legal fees associated with the surrogacy process, including contract drafting, review and any necessary legal representation, ensuring that you are protected and informed throughout the journey.

  • Travel: Surrogate pay may also cover travel expenses, such as transportation and accommodation, for necessary medical appointments or meetings with the parents- to-be, ensuring that you can focus on your important role without worrying about logistical costs.

  • Maternity clothes: Surrogate pay often includes allowances for maternity clothing, ensuring that you have the necessary attire for a comfortable and stylish pregnancy.

  • And more

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