How You Can Be Eligible to Become a Surrogate

Becoming a surrogate means helping someone else become a parent, and our surrogate eligibility guidelines and screening process are designed to protect your well-being and success.

We know our surrogates are eager to help someone else finally become a parent. There is no greater gift you can give, which is why our screening process is designed to give you and the family you match with the best chance of success.

The screening process evaluates your physical health, emotional stability and lifestyle factors to ensure that you are physically and emotionally prepared for the journey ahead. 

Through our surrogate eligibility criteria, we not only safeguard your comfort and security, but also give the intended parents peace of mind.

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Are You Eligible to Become a Surrogate?

If you feel ready to embrace the role of a surrogate, you will be asked to meet a handful of surrogacy qualifications, like:

  • Age range 21-40

  • At least one prior successful pregnancy

  • You are currently raising a child

If you’re unsure if you are eligible or if you believe there may be exceptional circumstances in your case, we encourage you to contact our dedicated team of surrogacy specialists today.

3 Ways We Ensure Your Readiness

1. Social and Medical History Form

For the first step in our screening process, we’ll ask you to complete a social and medical history form. The form covers a wide range of aspects, including your personal and family medical history, previous pregnancies, reproductive health and any medications or allergies.

Additionally, the form will ask about your social history, exploring factors such as education, employment, hobbies and support systems. This information helps us evaluate your stability, lifestyle, and suitability for the intended parents.

2. In-Home Assessment and Background Checks

During the in-home visit, a home study professional will visit your residence to get clearer picture of your home life. This visit allows us to observe your living environment, interact with your family members and address any questions that may arise.

We also conduct state and federal background checks to make sure you have no prior felony convictions that go against the standards of our surrogacy program. By prioritizing in-home visits and background checks, we strive to create a safe and secure surrogacy environment for all parties involved.

3. Medical Evaluation

The medical evaluation portion of our screening process is ultimately what verifies your physical readiness for the surrogacy journey.  Through our medical screening process we can get a clear picture of your overall physical and reproductive health.

Our surrogacy specialists will connect you with experienced medical professionals who will review your medical history and run tests to evaluate your fertility, hormone levels and overall reproductive health. This evaluation allows us to identify any underlying medical conditions or concerns that could impact the surrogacy process, ensuring that you are healthy and capable of carrying a pregnancy to term.

You can start your surrogacy journey knowing that you’ve been vetted by a screening process designed to protect your safety and give intended parents peace of mind. Your commitment and drive is at the heart of creating a life-changing experience, and our dedicated team is here to guide and support you every step of the way.

If you feel like you’re eligible to become a surrogate, fill out our online form to begin your journey today.