Is an Embryo Transfer Painful?

Although the embryo transfer itself is not painful, there are things associated with it that could be. For instance, the pre-emptive medical injections and pregnancy side effects could be painful.

As a surrogate mother about to undergo an embryo transfer, it’s only natural to wonder if this experience will be painful or not. The embryo transfer is a painless procedure that will have you in and out of the clinic in the same day,, but there may be sources of discomfort during and after this process.

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Is the Embryo Transfer Painful?

No, the embryo transfer is not painful, but there may be some pressure or discomfort. In terms of what the process involves, your embryos will be loaded into a catheter, which will then be inserted through the vagina and cervix and then into the uterus.

The sensation is similar to that of a Pap smear. You’ll lie on your back with your feet in stirrups, and your cervix will then be dilated with a speculum. The catheter with the embryos will be inserted once you’re situated.

For the most part, an embryo transfer is fairly simple and completely painless. Even if you are having more than one embryo implanted, you can expect to feel minimal to nonexistent pain. The embryos themselves are microscopic in size, as each one is composed of only two to eight cells.

How Painful Is Embryo Transfer Preparation?

Leading up to the procedure, some of the fertility medications you will take may be done through injection, and that may be painful. But, there are ways that you can reduce the pain of these injections. These tips include:

  • Rotating injection sites
  • Applying a cold compress to the site after the injection
  • Allowing the medicine to come to room temperature
  • Trying OTC acetaminophen (if you receive approval from your doctor)
  • Not reusing old needles

Potential Abdomen Pain after the Embryo Transfer

Following the procedure, there may be some mild cramping due to the location of the procedure and the hormones involved. So, you may experience some stomach pain after the embryo transfer.

In some cases, you might experience things like back pain after the embryo transfer or even leg pain after the embryo transfer. Still, some of the pain that you may go through after the procedure will mostly be similar to the side effects of a typical pregnancy.

For example, you may feel things like:

  • Breast tenderness (this could be related to the fertility medications)
  • Headaches
  • Implantation cramping
  • Nausea
  • Backaches

If you notice symptoms like these, then that could actually be a sign that the embryo transfer was successful. Still, it’s important to monitor these symptoms and report anything unusual to your doctor and the fertility clinic. They can help you ensure that your pregnancy is as safe and smooth as possible.

Is an Embryo Transfer Painful?

An embryo transfer is not painful, but we are always here to answer your questions and provide whatever guidance you may need from us. If you would like to get more free information now about the embryo transfer, then please don’t hesitate to contact us online today.