How Do Surrogates Get Paid?

If you’re wondering “How do surrogates get paid?” you can learn more about the surrogate compensation process in our complete guide.

Key Points

  • Surrogates pay is divided into base pay, which is divided into 10 equal payments paid monthly, and a monthly stipend to reimburse additional expenses.

  • Your surrogate pay is determined by your location, experience and income. Our goal is always to give surrogates the highest compensation possible.

  • You can learn more about how surrogates are paid by contacting us today.

If you're considering becoming a surrogate, you're about to begin an incredible journey that not only brings joy to others but also offers substantial rewards for you.

You can speak to a surrogacy specialist today to get answers to all your questions about surrogate pay.

How Do Surrogates Get Paid?

Surrogate compensation is made up of two main categories:

  • Base compensation: This is a fixed amount that you receive for your commitment and time. This money can be spent however you like. Think of this as your income for being a surrogate.

  • Additional expenses: Our surrogate compensation package will cover all expenses pertaining to your surrogate pregnancy. 

See Our Surrogate Compensation Breakdown


Total Compensation:

$50,000 - $110,000+

What's Included:
Base Pay
Think of base pay like your surrogate salary. This payment is deposited monthly once a pregnancy is confirmed, and it is entirely yours to use however you choose!
Pre-Pregnancy Payments:
  • Monthly Allowance
  • Start of Medications Bonus
  • Mock Cycle Payment
  • Travel Expenses
  • Signing Bonus
  • Social Work Screening Bonus
  • Medical Screening Bonus
Pregnancy Payments:
  • Start of Base Pay
  • Transfer Payment
  • Maternity Clothes
  • 3rd Trimester Self Care
  • Medical Procedures Bonus
  • C-Section Payment (if required)
  • Multiples Bonus
  • Bed Rest Coverage
Post-Pregnancy Payments:
  • Post-Pregnancy Self Care
  • Pumping Breast Milk (if agreed upon)
  • Counseling Costs (if needed)
  • Lost Wages
  • Spouse Lost Wages
Additional Benefits:
  • Personal Gifts
  • Referral Bonus
  • Life Insurance & Complications Insurance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Housekeeping Payments
  • Family Meal Payments

What is the Surrogate Payment Schedule?

Your base pay is divided into 10 equal payments. You’ll start receiving these payments on a monthly basis once a pregnancy is confirmed.

You’ll also receive a monthly stipend for out-of-pocket expenses once you’ve signed your surrogacy contracts and have begun the medical process. This will be paid until 6-8 weeks after delivery.

How We Provide the Highest Possible Surrogate Pay

Many surrogates struggle with wanting to provide this amazing gift but also being motivated by receiving financial rewards.

Take a deep breath and know that you deserve your surrogate pay. Surrogacy compensation is recognition of the commitment and generosity surrogates bring to the process. By providing this valuable service, you are making parenthood dreams come true for others, and you are entitled to fair compensation for your dedication.

If you’re wondering “How do surrogates get paid?” because you want financial security for yourself and your family while bringing joy to others, this is not only understandable but commendable. You should embrace the compensation you receive as a well-deserved acknowledgment of the life-changing impact you’re making on hopeful parents' lives.

How Surrogate Pay Can Change Your Life

You have a unique opportunity to make a positive impact not only on the lives of parents but also on your own families. Surrogate pay provides financial stability and the means to pursue various aspirations, whether it's securing a better future for your children, investing in education or improving your family’s quality of life.

By choosing to become a surrogate with our agency, you not only bring joy to others by helping them achieve their dream of parenthood but also create the potential for a brighter and more secure future for your own family.

Learn More About How Surrogates Get Paid

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