My Wife Wants to Be a Surrogate: What Now?

What should I do if my wife wants to be a surrogate? Here’s everything you need to know about the surrogacy process.

If your wife has recently approached you about wanting to become a surrogate, you might be left with a lot of questions about what surrogacy is and what being a surrogate will mean for your wife.

Surrogacy is an incredible opportunity to make a lasting impact on the lives of those who have dreamed of becoming parents – all while earning meaningful income for your family.

We understand that there’s a lot of confusion on what it means for your partner to become a surrogate. Our goal is to help you become the best supporter for your wife as she embarks on this life-changing journey.

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What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a collaborative pregnancy between intended parents and a surrogate, who become pregnant through an embryo transfer. This embryo transfer uses in vitro fertilization in order to achieve a pregnancy. Once the baby is born, the intended parents will be the legal guardians and will assume all parental rights.

As a surrogate, your partner will play a crucial role in helping a couple who can’t conceive achieve their dreams of parenthood.

My Wife Wants to be a Surrogate, What Does That Involve?

Choosing an Agency

Finding the right professional is one of We pride ourselves in offering unparalleled support and personalized guidance for our surrogates. Our commitment is to ensure that your wife’s experience as a surrogate is not only seamless, but also fulfilling.

With our extensive family-building experience, continuous support and competitive compensation packages, we’ll provide you with peace of mind as your wife embarks on this life-changing journey.

Finding Intended Parents

Finding intended parents is one of the most important parts of the surrogacy process. We take pride in working with some of the best families in America. Our thorough screening process ensures that all our intended parents are emotionally prepared, financially stable and committed to the surrogacy journey.

By working with carefully screened families, you can find comfort knowing that your wife is entering a safe and secure partnership.

Becoming Pregnant

As a surrogate, your partner will play a crucial role in helping a couple achieve their dreams of parenthood. This involves carrying a child conceived through in vitro fertilization using the intended parents’ egg and sperm. Using a catheter, a doctor will transfer the embryo created to your wife’s uterus. Once the pregnancy is confirmed, she’ll attend regular medical check-ups to ensure the well-being of both your wife and the growing baby.

What Your Wife Becoming a Surrogate Means for You Family

Surrogacy is a Time Commitment

My wife wants to be a surrogate, how long does the process last? The surrogacy journey typically lasts 1-2 years, from the initial decision to the birth of the child. Although the time commitment seems lengthy, the reward makes it all worth it. Our thorough screening process can take up a lot of time and is an important part of ensuring a safe, secure journey.

Your Wife Will Earn Surrogate Compensation

When your partner becomes a surrogate, she’ll have the opportunity to earn meaningful income and significantly improve your family’s finances while also making parenthood possible for a deserving couple. She has the opportunity to earn $50,000-$90,000 in surrogate compensation for the time, effort and commitment she invests in making someone else’s’ dreams come true.

She Is Not Biologically Linked to the Child She’ll Carry

When my wife wants to be a surrogate, will she be the parent? As the surrogate, your partner will not share any genetic ties with the baby. This means that the intended parent will have full parental rights, and your wife will only play a role in carrying their child.

Check out this PDF on the beginning stages of the surrogacy process to get a better idea of what it looks like to be a surrogate.

My Wife Wants to be a Surrogate, How Can I Support Her?

Communicate Openly

Maintain open communication with your partner throughout this journey. Make sure to discuss any expectations, concerns and feelings you may have about her decision to ensure that you guys are on the same page. Your support during this time is crucial as she navigates the intricacies of the process.

Attend Appointments Together

Being actively involved in medical appointments and screenings can strengthen your connection as a couple. These appointments are pivotal moments, where you can actively participate in the process gaining firsthand insights into what becoming a surrogate means.

Her doctor can address any questions or concerns you may have about the process, contributing to a positive, fulfilling experience.

Provide Emotional Support

Having a strong support system is one of the most important aspects of becoming a surrogate. Your wife may experience a wide range of feelings and your support helps your partner feel understood, valued and cared for during the life-changing journey of surrogacy. Acknowledge and validate her feelings, listen actively and be responsive to her needs.

The surrogacy process can bring both joy and challenges, and your support can help her navigate this journey with both confidence and resilience.

Celebrate Milestones

Celebrating your wife’s milestones throughout the surrogacy journey is a great way to provide meaningful support. By actively participating in these celebrations, you not only express your pride and joy in her accomplishments but also reinforce the sense of partnership in this unique experience.

Recognizing these milestones helps create a positive, healthy atmosphere, strengthening the emotional connection between you and your wife.

When your wife wants to be a surrogate, this journey is a shared experience where you can help her become the best version of herself. By supporting her every step of the way, you contribute to creating a positive, fulfilling surrogacy journey for everyone involved.

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