Can You Be a Surrogate on Medicaid?

Understanding the Requirements

If you’re wondering can you be a surrogate on Medicaid, then here’s how we can help you become a hero in someone else’s story.

Can you be on Medicaid and be a surrogate?

When you’re exploring the possibility of becoming a surrogate while on Medicaid, it’s important to understand how it may impact your eligibility. Before you embark on this life-changing journey, there are some things to keep in mind as you explore becoming a surrogate on Medicaid.

Our goal is to provide you with a clear understanding of the potential challenges that come with being a surrogate on Medicaid so that you’re prepared for the journey ahead. With our help, you’ll be on the right track towards becoming a hero in someone else’s story.   

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Can You Be a Surrogate on Medicaid?

Yes, technically you can become a surrogate on Medicaid. But know that becoming a surrogate involves compensation that can potentially affect your Medicaid eligibility due to increased income, potentially leading to loss of coverage. Also, Medicaid won’t cover expenses related to a surrogate pregnancy.

But, can I be a surrogate and still be covered by insurance? If you’re looking to become a surrogate while on Medicaid, you’ll want to work with a specialist to get the coverage you need while you’re off Medicaid.

Can I Be a Surrogate and Still Keep Medicaid for My Kids?

Yes it is possible to be a surrogate and maintain medical coverage for your children. However, the surrogate compensation you receive might increase your income, potentially impacting your Medicaid eligibility. This could result in loss of your coverage while still allowing your children to remain covered.

Make sure that when you lose your eligibility that your kids can still receive the benefits of Medicaid. If you’re able to get off of Medicaid and keep your kids on, we can provide you with coverage during your surrogacy journey.

Can I Be a Surrogate if I’m Receiving Assistance From the State?

Becoming a surrogate makes you eligible to earn $50,000-$110,000+ in surrogate compensation. Since it increases your income, it will affect your eligibility for state assistance programs. This increase in income might lead to changes in your eligibility status or even the loss of state assistance benefits.

So, can I be a surrogate on state assistance? It’s essential to thoroughly understand how pursuing surrogacy can impact your state assistance. If you happen to lose insurance coverage during your surrogate journey, we can provide you with the coverage you need.

Can I Be a Surrogate if I Don’t Have Insurance Coverage?

Yes, you can be a surrogate if you’re not covered by insurance. In many cases, we can provide you with insurance coverage to ensure proper medical care during pregnancy and post-delivery. If you’re considering becoming a surrogate and don’t have insurance coverage, know that we will help you get the help you need.

Wherever you’re at in your surrogacy journey, know that we’re always here to help you begin this life-changing journey. Our goal is to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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