What Happens After a Surrogate Gives Birth?

5 Things to Expect Postpartum

So what happens when a surrogate gives birth? Here’s what you can expect once your surrogate journey is complete.

A lot of thought and planning goes into the moment you welcome a child into the world for a deserving couple. The commitment and support we offer throughout your surrogate journey extends to your postpartum experience.

We offer postpartum support to ensure you receive the care and assistance needed during the period after you bring new life into the world, recognizing the physical and emotional impact of the surrogacy journey.

If you want to learn more about what happens when a surrogate gives birth, then check out this article on the hospital experience. You can also contact us online now or text us at 913-204-0224.

What Happens After a Surrogate Gives Birth? [5 Things to Expect Postpartum]

1. You’ll Experience a Wide Range of Emotions

When you’re a surrogate mother after giving birth, you’ll likely experience a roller coaster of emotions. You may feel an overwhelming sense of pride and joy for bringing happiness to the intended parents’ lives.

As the surrogate, you’ll be able to embrace these feelings, knowing that you’ve helped dreams come true. You’ve not only given life, but you’ve also created a family.

On the other hand, you may also experience a range of hormones post-delivery that can result in mood swings. Be patient with yourself during this time. As your body returns to its baseline, your hormone levels will even out.

Like all pregnant women, gestational carriers have a chance of developing postpartum depression after delivery. Although a gestational pregnancy may reduce the chance of having the baby blues, the possibility is still there.

We will always be available postpartum should you need someone to talk to. Our specialists can refer you to counseling and support groups if needed.

2. You May Need to Provide Breastmilk

Before you begin the medical process of surrogacy, you’ll work with your surrogacy specialist and the intended parents to determine whether you need to pump post-delivery. We can help mediate this conversation between you and the intended parents after the baby is born if agreed upon in your surrogate contract.

If you decide to pump as a surrogate after delivery, then the intended parents will provide you with the supplies needed and will take care of any shipping costs. You’ll also receive a compensation of $200 per week for your time and energy during the pumping process.

If you decide you don’t want to pump, talk with your OB/GYN about some of the best ways to stop lactation.

3. Your Postpartum Expenses Will Be Taken Care Of

As a surrogate after delivery, your well-being is a top priority. Post-delivery, your medical expenses are covered by the intended parents, ensuring that you can focus on your recovery without worrying about the financial burden. Whether it is follow-up appointments, necessary treatments or any medical attention you may need, you’ll always be taken care of.

The time it takes to recover from childbirth is different from your other pregnancies because this time, you can focus entirely on healing. During this time, make sure to take it easy on yourself and take the time you need to recover.

4. The Baby Will Be on the Intended Parents’ Insurance

You won’t have to worry about being responsible for the baby’s medical expenses as a surrogate after delivery – or your own. Those will be covered by the intended parents and the baby will already be included on the intended parent’s insurance plan.

The postpartum period is for you to recover and much of the weight will be lifted off your shoulders once you welcome the baby into the world.

5. You’ll Need to Make Time for Postpartum Recovery

If you’re a surrogate after delivery, one of the best things to do is prioritize your recovery. When you give birth to your own baby, there’s often a lot of paperwork before and after you arrive home with your new child. As a surrogate, as soon as you’re discharged, your responsibilities are typically over.

One of your main jobs after delivery is to recover, rest and get back to doing the things you didn’t have time for as a surrogate. Your health is the number one priority and we’re always available to help you during your recovery period. Our support extends beyond the process, and we will always be there to help you prepare for what happens after a surrogate gives birth.

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