How to Support Your Spouse During Surrogacy

Learn how to support your spouse during surrogacy with these simple steps.

When your spouse’s pregnancy isn’t about growing your own family, you may be at a loss on how to support her during this time. But it’s pretty similar to how you would support her through any pregnancy. Here are some ways you can effectively support your spouse during surrogacy.

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Be Part of the Process

One of the best ways to show your spouse that you are on her team is to be part of the process. At the beginning of the application process, she will go through a series of background checks, an at-home visit and other assessments. You will need to be part of this to determine if she has the support she needs.

Showing up to support her during this can make all the difference and set you up to better understand the process. If she has meetings with her surrogacy specialist or wants you to meet the family she will be a surrogate for, be part of that with her. It can be a new journey not just for her, but for the both of you as well.

Encourage Her

Your spouse is doing something incredible to help complete another family, and she’s doing it in a physically and emotionally challenging way. Offering her encouragement and support can be helpful. If you’re unsure of how to offer this to her, you can contact her surrogacy specialist. They have loads of education and support to offer you as you navigate this experience. They can help you better understand what your spouse’s surrogacy experience is like and how you can encourage her through the process.

Offer Extra Help Around the House

Being pregnant is exhausting. As a surrogate, she is also probably scheduling time to meet with the parents along with OB appointments and other doctor visits. Offering to put in a little more time with the kids and doing a few extra chores around the house are helpful.

Ways to Support Her
  • Drop the kids off at school/daycare

  • Wash the dishes after a meal

  • Do laundry, vacuum, or clean the bathroom

  • Spend extra time with her and see what she might need

Pregnancy comes with aches and pains and doing typical household chores can sometimes feel like a lot of work. These little things go a long way in supporting your spouse during surrogacy.

Attend Counseling Together

What your wife is going to do can be not just physically tolling, but emotionally as well. If she chooses to access counseling services while she is working as a surrogate, you can help by attending some sessions with her. This can help you better understand what she is going through and how you can help her emotionally.

Showing up like this is a great way to support your wife during her surrogate pregnancy.

Just Be There for Her

One of the simplest things you can do is to just be there for her. You would normally be there for her during any other pregnancy she experienced, so why wouldn’t you do the same now? If you have questions about the process, contact our surrogacy specialists at 1-800-875-2229 or you can learn more about the surrogate process here.