What if I’m Scared of My Wife Becoming a Surrogate?

If you have concerns about your wife becoming a surrogate, we can help put your mind at ease by providing helpful information.

When we don’t understand something, it can be natural to be a little afraid or anxious. If your wife has decided to pursue surrogacy it might seem scary to you at first if you’ve never heard anything about the process or known anyone who has experienced it.

Our surrogacy specialists are here to support our surrogates, but they are also here to support you and answer any questions you may have. A surrogate needs a great support system, and if you are showing you are concerned it’s likely because you care about her experience and what she will go through.

Call our team at 1-800-875-2229 if you have specific questions or learn more about what being a surrogate could be like for your wife.

Understanding Your Concerns

As a partner, you want what’s best for your wife and family. If you’re unfamiliar with surrogacy or only have fragments of information, you may have concerns about the surrogacy process. Here’s what you should know.

I’m Worried About the Risks of Surrogacy

In our surrogacy program, the safety of your wife as a surrogate is our utmost priority, and we have thorough screening processes and requirements to safeguard her physical well-being.

Through medical examinations, assessments of mental and emotional readiness and adherence to requirements based on standards set by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, we’ll ensure that your wife is in optimal health for the journey ahead.

This comprehensive approach aims to create a secure environment, prioritizing the physical safety of your wife throughout the surrogacy experience. Our dedicated team is here to navigate this journey alongside her, fostering a positive and secure environment for everyone involved.

What if My Wife is Exploited?

An outdated and harmful myth surrounding surrogacy is that it exploits the surrogates. In the United States, surrogates are protected from exploitation on multiple levels. Surrogacy is a deeply personal and significant journey, and ensuring the protection of surrogates from exploitation is a top priority in our program.

  • State laws governing surrogacy provide a framework, outlining rights and protections for all parties involved.

  • Our agency's thorough screening processes further contribute to the protection, ensuring that surrogates are well-informed, mentally and emotionally prepared and entering into the arrangement willingly.

  • As a surrogate, your wife will be compensated for her time and effort, and all surrogacy-related expenses will be covered.

  • Your wife will be appointed legal representation who will help her draft a contract detailing her services and pay, ensuring that her rights are safeguarded throughout the process.

Additionally, she will be assigned one of our dedicated surrogacy specialists who provide continuous support, acting as a liaison between her and the intended parents.

This multi-layered approach, involving legal safeguards, screening and personalized support, aims to create an environment where surrogates feel empowered and protected from any form of exploitation.

I’m Concerned Surrogacy Will Affect Her Mental Health

Prioritizing the mental health and well-being of our surrogates is integral to our surrogacy program. We take proactive measures by conducting thorough psychological evaluations as part of our screening process, ensuring that surrogates are emotionally prepared for the unique challenges of their journey.

In addition, we offer comprehensive counseling services to our surrogates, recognizing the emotional complexities involved in surrogacy.

Our goal is to create a supportive environment where surrogates can openly express their feelings, address any concerns and receive guidance throughout the process.

By combining psychological evaluations and counseling services, we aim to safeguard the mental health of our surrogates, fostering a positive and emotionally resilient experience for them.

How Will This Impact Our Family?

Your support and the support of your family will be imperative to your wife having a positive surrogacy experience.  

We can offer support and education to help you and your children better understand the surrogacy process. Involving your kids when possible in the surrogacy process can help them better understand the process and the amazing gift that their mom is giving.

Find Support

We’re here to help you along the way no matter what. We know fearing your wife becoming a surrogate is a common response, but we are here to help you work through this process. If you have questions, our surrogacy specialists are prepared and ready to answer them.

We offer support and education to spouses who have questions and just want to support their spouses through this time. Contact us for more information at 1-800-875-2229 or learn more about what being a surrogate could be like for your wife.