Can You Be a Surrogate With Your Tubes Tied?

Can you be a surrogate with your tubes tied? The answer may surprise you!

When you feel like your family is complete, it’s typical to take steps to ensure that you don’t get any surprises along the way. Many women take this precaution through tubal ligation, or getting their tubes tied.

However, just because you had your tubes tied doesn’t mean you can’t help others achieve their dreams of creating a family. Women who have gone through this process may be wondering, “Can I be a surrogate with my tubes tied?” And the answer is an enthusiastic yes!

If you’re ready to get started or have specific questions, contact us today. We can to help you navigate becoming a surrogate after tubal ligation.

Can I Be a Surrogate if My Tubes are Tied?

You can absolutely be a surrogate after getting your tubes tied. To understand how this is possible, it’s important to understand how tubal ligation works.

Tubal ligation is a surgery to close a woman’s fallopian tubes. The fallopian tubes are what connect the ovaries to the uterus. This can be done by cutting, sealing clamping or tying the fallopian tubes shut. Once this surgery has been done, a woman can no longer naturally conceive a child. This is also referred to as getting your “tubes tied” or female sterilization. Tubal ligation is almost 100 percent effective and is difficult to or often not possible to reverse.

Prospective surrogates who have undergone this procedure might wonder “Can you be a surrogate with your tubes tied?” The term “sterilization” can feel definite in the fact that you cannot get pregnant in the traditional sense. This may be true, but it’s a different story for surrogacy.

This is because your eggs are not used in the gestational surrogacy process. The intended parents create an embryo using IVF, which is then transferred to your uterus. This process doesn’t require your fallopian tubes or ovaries.

You can learn more about the surrogacy medical process here.

Advantages of Becoming a Surrogate After Tubal Ligation

There are two primary benefits of becoming a surrogate after tubal ligation.

Your Family is Complete

If you’ve gotten your tubes tied or are planning to do so, you’ve likely decided you’re done growing your own family. While rare, surrogacy can impact your fertility. If your family is complete, you are not at risk of struggling with infertility.

No Risk of Becoming Pregnant With Your Own Child

The certainty that you are done building your family can be emotionally beneficial to the surrogacy process. It’s also great because you are still able to carry a child after getting your tubes tied, but cannot accidentally become pregnant during the surrogacy process.

The fertility medication you take during the surrogacy process will enhance your ability to get pregnant. If you’re in a different-sex relationship, your surrogacy contract will always require that you and your partner abstain from sex during this time to prevent accidental pregnancy with your own child. Thanks to your tubal ligation, this will be significantly less of a concern.

These two factors can be very motivating for parents who are looking to match with a surrogate. It gives them peace of mind to know their surrogate has completed their journey to becoming a parent and are ready to help others. We can help you add this information to your surrogate profile to find the right parents to work with.

Why Become a Surrogate After Tubal Ligation?

There are a number of ways becoming a surrogate can change your own life. For many women, becoming a surrogate is a calling. And it is one that can be beneficial to their family. When you’re choosing to become a surrogate after tubal ligation, you can help others achieve their family goals, which is an altruistic benefit to the process.

The other benefit of becoming a surrogate is the compensation you receive for yourself. The amount you receive is based on your location, the agency you work with, and your experience as a surrogate. For many women, they use this life-changing compensation to:

  • Pay off student loans

  • Purchase a vehicle

  • Save for your children’s college

  • Add to their retirement fund

Learn more about surrogate pay.

Become a Surrogate Today

If you have your tubes tied and are considering surrogacy, contact a surrogacy specialist today. We offer surrogates a variety of benefits including:

  • Competitive surrogacy compensation

  • Pre-screened intended parents

  • Support and education

  • Expert legal counsel

  • A voice in the process

Our experienced surrogacy specialists are ready to help you navigate the surrogate process. We know you have many options when it comes to working with different agencies, but we want to give you the best experience possible. Contact us to learn more and get started.

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