Is Surrogacy Safe for My Wife?

How We Protect Your Partner

Is surrogacy safe? Learn how we protect your partner throughout every step of the surrogacy process with this guide.

We prioritize the well-being of everyone involved. Your partner’s safety is our top priority, and we take every measure to ensure that she’s ready for the journey ahead.

It’s normal to be concerned about her safety, especially with so many misconceptions out there about surrogacy. Rest assured that we do everything we can to ensure a safe, secure experience. You can find comfort and peace of mind knowing that we’ll be by her side every step of the way, ensuring a safe and secure surrogacy journey for everyone involved.

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Is Being a Surrogate Dangerous?

Generally speaking, no it isn’t dangerous to be a surrogate. Beyond the initial stages of IVF and the embryo transfer, the pregnancy itself is similar to any normal pregnancy. Our comprehensive screening processes and medical protocols are in place to ensure the well-being of our surrogate mothers.

By following the standards set by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), we know what it takes to consistently create a safe experience for everyone involved. Our experienced professionals are ready to guide and support surrogates, providing the necessary care and attention to ensure a safe and secure surrogacy pregnancy.

How We Ensure the Surrogacy Process is Safe and Secure

A Thorough Screening Process

To further guarantee your partners safety throughout the process, our screening process evaluates her physical and emotional well-being, ensuring that she is emotionally and physically prepared for the journey ahead. We want nothing more for your partner to succeed in the process. Through our thorough surrogate eligibility criteria, we not only safeguard her comfort and security, but provide peace of mind throughout the process.

We work closely with medical professionals to provide the highest level of care to ensure a safe, secure surrogacy journey.

We Work With Thoroughly Screened Intended Parents

Another way we ensure a safe and secure surrogacy journey is by matching your partner with intended parents who have undergone thorough screening. Our matching process involves a comprehensive evaluation of the intended parents to ensure they’re emotionally prepared and financially stable for the process.

Providing your partner with safety and security throughout their surrogacy journey is our top priority. We will guide them through the entire process, ensuring their physical and emotional well-being are our primary focus.

Ensuring She Attends Regular Medical Appointments for Monitoring

Your partner’s safety is important to us and regularly attending appointments is a crucial aspect of our commitment to her well-being. Our team ensures she receives the necessary medical care and support throughout the entire surrogacy journey. We believe in transparency and open communication, allowing you both to be actively involved in the process.

By regularly attending doctor’s appointments, your partner will be on the right track toward a safe and secure surrogacy experience.

Providing Her With All-Encompassing Support

Your partner’s emotional well-being is important throughout the surrogacy journey. Her surrogacy specialist will be by her side every step of the way to provide guidance and support when she needs it.

You can also play role in creating a stress-free environment for your partner!  Studies show that a positive support system can contribute to a safer and healthier pregnancy. Surrogacy is a collaborative process which is why we encourage active involvement from our surrogates’ partners to make this journey as smooth as possible.

Your partner’s well-being is the most important thing to us, and you can find comfort knowing that they’re in good hands. Our program is designed to protect their safety, giving you peace of mind as you begin your journey as a supportive surrogate partner.

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