How to Become a Surrogate in 4 Steps

Becoming a surrogate is a deeply fulfilling journey. We have made the process as simple as possible. Our specialists will be by your side every step of the way to lend support and guidance.

As a surrogate, you are the key to someone else finally becoming a parent.

The service you provide is life-changing, which is why we make becoming a surrogate a simple, easy process. Our experienced staff has spent more than 40 years creating families, which means you'll get the best version of a surrogacy journey.

If you want to learn more about how to become a surrogate, call us today at 1-800-875-2229 or fill out our online form to get more information.

Step 1: Reach out to American Surrogacy

We're here for you. While some surrogacy agencies can be difficult to reach, our responsive team is eager to provide you with personal guidance and support. You can call 1-800-875-2229 or reach out to us online now. Once we connect, we'll review some basic questions that help us determine the best way to support you. 

Our experienced team will guide you through the process, answer your questions and provide the resources and information you need for a successful surrogacy journey.

Step 2: Receive Complete Support

Creating a family isn't an easy thing to do, but we have spent decades perfecting the process. That means our support will give you the best possible experience with surrogacy. Our team will help with things like:

  1. Receiving competitive surrogacy compensation
  2. Creating your surrogate profile
  3. Providing helpful information and guidance

We believe you should feel confident and excited about becoming a surrogate.

Step 3: Find a Perfect Surrogacy Match

Matching with the right intended parents is an amazing step in your surrogacy journey.  We understand the significance of a strong connection and shared values between surrogates and intended parents.

We take great care in the matching process, considering factors such as location, personal preferences, and compatibility to ensure a high-quality partnership. By only accepting the best intended parents, we ensure that the surrogate-intended parent match is a beautiful and meaningful partnership.

Step 4: Bring New Life into the World

Once you have matched with intended parents, you'll move through the medical process of surrogacy — all with our comprehensive guidance and support. The day the baby is born is a memory that you’ll be able to cherish for a lifetime. You get to witness the love and joy on the faces of the intended parents you helped realize their dreams of parenthood as they hold their long-awaited baby for the first time.

The final stage of the surrogacy process represents the culmination of a remarkable journey, one that leaves a lasting impact on the lives of everybody involved.

Ready to change lives? You can get connected with a surrogacy specialist today by filling out our online form.