Why Are There Requirements to be a Surrogate?

Understanding the Journey of Surrogacy

Learn about the purpose of surrogate qualifications with our complete guide and find out if you meet the surrogate eligibility.

Becoming a surrogate means being a hero in someone else’s story. You become a part of something greater by giving hopeful parents the gift of parenthood. Becoming a surrogate often comes with questions and learning opportunities especially when it comes to surrogate requirements.

If you’ve just discovered surrogacy and find yourself overwhelmed by the surrogate qualifications, don’t worry. We understand the mix of emotions you may be feeling and are here to help you feel confident as you consider this life-changing journey.

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Why Do Surrogate Requirements Exist?

Surrogate requirements may seem extensive, with various aspects including mental, emotional and physical preparedness. These requirements are not in place to discourage you from pursuing your dream of changing lives but to ensure the safety and success of both you and the baby you’re carrying for the intended parents.

The well-being of everyone involved is our top priority. Surrogate qualifications safeguard your comfort and security, assuring a smooth and secure experience throughout your surrogacy journey.

Do I Have to Meet Surrogate Requirements if I Choose Independent Surrogacy?

If you’re looking to pursue surrogacy without an agency, then you still have to meet the surrogate qualifications. These standards are set by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and exist to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Surrogate mother requirements serve as a benchmark for a secure and healthy surrogacy journey.

Although independent surrogacy can seem like a good option, partnering with an agency like ours lays the foundation for a successful, fulfilling surrogate journey. We provide a comprehensive support system that guides you through every step giving you comfort and confidence in your decision.

From navigating the surrogate mother qualifications to matching you with intended parents who share your values and aspirations, our expertise and resources streamline the entire process.

What if I Don’t Meet the Requirements to Be a Surrogate?

If you don’t meet all the surrogate requirements, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Every situation is unique, and there may be ways we can help you meet the requirements. Your commitment to helping create families is at the heart of creating a life-changing experience and our dedicated team will always be there to support you every step of the way.

Our goal is to put you on the right track toward a smooth surrogacy journey. We want nothing more than for you to succeed in this process.

“It’s for a bigger purpose and once I saw that it wasn’t just for the agency’s protection or it wasn’t just for the family I was included in that protection as well. That made me feel a lot more at ease and a lot safer.” – said Jade, one of our surrogate mothers.

How Can I Meet The Eligibility For Surrogacy?

Initially, the requirements to be a surrogate can be daunting, but remember that these requirements are designed to support and guide you through the surrogacy process rather than exclude you. If you ever feel confused about the surrogate requirements, then know that we’re always here to help you fully understand what it takes to be a surrogate.

If you’re interested in becoming a surrogate, then here are some of the surrogate requirements you must meet:

  • Age range of 21-40

  • At least one prior successful pregnancy

  • You are currently raising a child

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