Should I Become a Surrogate Mother?

Pros and Cons of Surrogacy

Should I become a surrogate? Is surrogacy right for me? What are the pros and cons of surrogacy? Find the answers to all of these questions and more here.

As a woman who is considering being a surrogate, you likely already understand many of the pros and cons of surrogacy. But the question is, are you ready to take that next step to make it a reality?

There are many things to consider before being a surrogate. There are various questions you may ask yourself that could affect your decision, including:

  • Am I at a time and place in my life where becoming a surrogate is a viable option?

  • Will my spouse be supportive of the surrogacy?

  • Do I feel comfortable explaining this decision to my children?

  • Am I prepared to endure multiple medical and psychological exams and tests throughout this process?

  • Am I willing to take daily fertility injections and medications for up to 12 weeks?

  • Am I emotionally prepared to carry someone’s baby?



To help you further decide whether surrogacy is right for you, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of becoming a surrogate:

Pros of Surrogacy

There are many positive reasons to become a surrogate mother. Women who choose surrogacy enjoy a number of benefits, including:

  • Financial Benefits – As a surrogate, you will not pay any of the medical or legal expenses. You will also receive base compensation and a monthly allowance throughout the pregnancy to help with a variety of bills. Many women use this compensation to further their own personal goals or provide for their families. For example, a woman may become a surrogate mother to pay for college or make a down payment on a new home.

  • Life-Changing Experience – Helping a person, an infertile couple or members of the LGBT community become parents is one of the most fulfilling acts of kindness one can experience. This truly is something only a select few women are able to do in their lives, and you will likely feel an immense amount of pride as a result.

  • Lasting Friendship – If you are interested in sharing a relationship with the family you help create, whether it includes picture updates or phone calls, American Surrogacy can help you find intended parents who also want you to be a part of their lives.

Cons of Surrogacy

While there are many reasons why to become a surrogate mother, surrogacy can also be challenging at times, and it is not right for everyone. Here are some of the more challenging things to consider before becoming a surrogate:

  • Commitment – By deciding to be a surrogate, you are essentially committing a year of your life or longer to another family. You will be asked to take certain fertility medications for up to 12 weeks, be available for various appointments, be available to travel and more. During your pregnancy, you will need to commit to a healthy lifestyle, and you may have less time and energy to devote to your own family, everyday tasks and favorite activities.

  • Medical and Psychological Evaluations – To become a surrogate, you will need to undergo various evaluations with a physician, social worker and psychologist. These are all important to make sure you are in fact ready for surrogacy.

  • Pregnancy – Some women enjoy being pregnant, and then of course, there are those who don’t enjoy being pregnant at all. If you don’t like being pregnant and all of the challenges it brings, you may find that being pregnant with someone else’s baby is even more difficult. Any woman considering surrogacy should truly enjoy pregnancy and be excited about the pregnancy experience.

  • Emotional Consequences – While many surrogates say they feel more connected to the intended parents than the baby they carry, enduring nine months of pregnancy while carrying a baby other than your own can still be emotionally challenging. However, that is what makes surrogates so special. They are the select few who are willing to accept this challenge and provide the gift of parenthood to those who would otherwise never get to experience it.

Understanding all of the pros and cons of surrogacy will help you determine whether you are the right type of person and in the right time of your life to become a surrogate.

People Who Can Help You Make This Decision

Ultimately, you are the only person who can answer the question, “Is surrogacy right for me?” However, if you are thinking of being a surrogate, there are plenty of people who can provide guidance and support to help you make your decision.

  • Spouse – If you are married and considering becoming a surrogate mother, you’ve both likely already talked in great detail about this decision. The support of your spouse is imperative; if he or she isn’t fully on board, perhaps this isn’t the right time in your marriage to pursue surrogacy.

  • Former Surrogates – There may be local surrogate group meetings in your area that you can attend, and there are plenty of online surrogate support groups where you can read other women’s experiences and ask any questions you might have.

  • Surrogate Specialist – You may contact American Surrogacy any time about becoming a surrogate. A surrogate specialist will be available to discuss any topic that you may have questions about. And remember, your phone call is confidential, and we will never try to push you toward surrogacy. Our goal is to educate you about what it’s like to be a surrogate — what you decide is up to you.

Whether you are considering surrogacy to pay for college, to experience the joy of pregnancy again, or simply to give an incredible gift to another hopeful family, surrogacy can be a positive experience, and one you will never forget.

To learn more about surrogacy or to start your journey today, contact a surrogate specialist to receive free surrogacy information.