The Importance of a Balanced List

You shouldn't have to wait to become a parent. That's why we maintained a balanced list to keep your wait times low. Learn how.

Clients who work with us are eager to become parents and don’t want to compete with numerous other families to connect with a surrogate. Maintaining a balanced list of clients is one of our biggest keys to helping you become a parent faster.

Below, we'll explain how. You can also contact us today to learn more, or if you're ready to start your journey to parenthood, we can get you started.

Why is a Balanced List Important?

The reality is no one wants to wait in line, particularly regarding family-building. Hopeful clients like you have faced disruptions in your pursuit to become parents, and competing against many other families for a surrogate adds unnecessary delays to achieving that goal.

 We balance our list in two ways:

  1. We don’t accept just any family.
  2. We focus on maintaining a 1:1 ratio of families and surrogates to keep our wait times low.

Compare that to many other agencies that:

  • Sign up too many families.
  • Don’t reach enough qualified surrogates to match their list of families.

Many agencies will sell you on large numbers, but you need to be aware of the red flags, starting with estimated wait times.

See the chart below for a comparison of our wait times and the wait you face with our leading competitors.


Estimated Match Wait Time

American Surrogacy

30 - 90 Days

Competitor 1

12-14 Months

Competitor 2

12-18 Months

Competitor 3

12 Months

*Information independently verified by


To put it plainly, an agency that doesn’t balance its list or provide transparent numbers of families and surrogates either doesn’t know how long their wait time is or is potentially misleading you.

In addition to maintaining a balanced list, higher levels of marketing give you a better chance of finding an opportunity with a highly qualified surrogate faster. That’s why we focus significant resources on marketing.

Surrogacy Marketing and Why It Matters

At American Surrogacy, we know you don’t want to wait long to become parents, which is why we intently focus on marketing to surrogates.

  1. High marketing = Lower waits.
  2. Low marketing = longer waits and, often, no connection.

While many organizations only have one staff member focus on marketing, we offer a staff of 18 marketing specialists who focus solely on:

  • National marketing, advertising and establishing a large online presence through video, social media and more.
  • Reaching more potential surrogates, which we then narrow down to find the most highly qualified candidates.

What happens if you join an organization that does low marketing?

You are left with:

  • A low number of surrogate candidates.
  • Fewer medically and psychologically qualified surrogates.
  • Competing with dozens of families for less qualified surrogates.

You can get a more in-depth explanation of our marketing and how it compares to other leading competitors here.

You don’t deserve to wait any longer, which is why we think it’s important to pull back the veil and show how your pursuit of parenthood through surrogacy is impacted based on how your agency manages its list and whether they do enough marketing to find qualified surrogates.

Contact us online or by calling 1-800-875-BABY to learn more about surrogacy or to get started on your journey today.