Embryo Transfer Success Stories

From overcoming cancer to unexplained infertility challenges, these parents share their embryo transfer success stories and how they overcame the obstacles thrown at them during their IVF journey.


Embryo transfer success stories often provide hope and inspiration for those navigating their infertility journey. Here, we have compiled a series of heartfelt stories that show the triumphs of those who overcame significant challenges to grow their families.

From surviving cancer to the joys of twin parenthood, these stories highlight the resilience and determination that help define the path to parenthood.

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Successful Embryo Transfer Stories

Ross and Jackie's Story

Ross and Jackie faced a daunting challenge when Jackie was diagnosed with cancer. Although they dealt with a lot of fear and uncertainty, they held onto their dream of having a family. After postponing their wedding multiple times due to COVID-19 disruptions, they turned to a fertility clinic for assistance.

Once Jackie began undergoing treatment, her fertility was at risk, but the couple did not lose hope. They turned to IVF and their first IVF cycle resulted in eight viable embryos. With the help of their fertility clinic, they were able to conceive. After a 54-hour labor, their daughter Johanna was born on October 25, 2023.

The couple overcame every obstacle, proving that even after a cancer diagnosis their dream of parenthood can still become a reality.

Erin and Matt’s Story

After being diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer, Erin and Matt quickly navigated fertility preservation amidst her urgent cancer treatment. With limited time, they successfully cryopreserved 14 embryos before Erin began chemotherapy. After Erin's successful treatment and five years on estrogen-suppressing medication, they turned to surrogacy to fulfill their dream of parenthood.

Partnering with various professionals, they embarked on a challenging yet rewarding two-year journey. Despite setbacks, including a miscarriage, their final embryo resulted in the birth of their daughter Olivia on July 15, 2020. With the support of their gestational carrier and medical professionals, Erin and Matt joyfully welcomed Olivia and are thankful for their medical professional’s expertise and care for their precious miracle.

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Abnormal Embryo Success Stories

Susan and Dave’s Story

Susan and Dave experienced multiple miscarriages and sought help from Shady Grove Fertility. Despite numerous setbacks, including failed cycles and abnormal embryos, they persevered. Under the care of Dr. Osheroff, they used IVF with preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).

Out of four embryos, three were abnormal, but the fourth, although fragmented, was transferred and resulted in a successful pregnancy. They welcomed their son, who is now eight years old. Although further attempts to expand their family were unsuccessful, they cherish their miracle child.

Jessica and Terah’s Story

Jessica and Terah, facing advanced maternal age and unexplained infertility, initially struggled with IVF. They had a few viable embryos and were currently working through a miscarriage. Their journey took a positive turn after consulting Dr. Isaac Sasson at Shady Grove Fertility. Under Dr. Sasson's care and the Shared Risk program, they achieved better results with 9 embryos, including 2 unaffected by Hereditary Spherocytosis.

Despite initial setbacks, a natural transfer in September 2021 was successful, resulting in the birth of their son, Theo Isaac Heinrich, on June 2, 2022, fulfilling their dream of parenthood.

Donor Embryo Success Stories

Stephanie and Patrick’s Story

In her mid-30s, Stephanie felt a strong yearning for motherhood that couldn't be ignored. Patrick had undergone a vasectomy in 2000, so they consulted an urologist at Johns Hopkins, who suggested fertility treatment as their best option.

Stephanie and Patrick continued with a third IVF cycle and decided to transfer two embryos. Their wish for twins was granted when their twin girls, Sophie and Audrey, were born on November 13, 2009. Life brought them back to Maryland, reigniting their desire for another child. After an unsuccessful frozen embryo transfer, they explored a donor embryo program.

On December 9, 2019, their daughter Glory was born, completing their family. Stephanie and Patrick donated their remaining embryo to help another family, cherishing the journey that brought them their three beautiful daughters.

Meghan’s Story

Meghan, a single woman in her mid-40s, chose to become a mother through a donor embryo program after deciding that traditional IVF was not the right path for her. With a strong desire for motherhood, Meghan began exploring various fertility options.

Despite the emotional and physical challenges, Meghan found support and guidance from her medical team, which helped her navigate the complexities of embryo donation. Her perseverance paid off when she successfully became pregnant and gave birth to her daughter.

We know that your path to parenthood hasn’t been easy. These embryo transfer success stories show the beautiful outcomes that can be achieved through embryo transfer, offering hope and encouragement as you embark on your journey toward becoming parents.

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