How Much Does Surrogacy Cost?

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost?


Understanding Surrogacy Costs

The path from deciding to pursue a surrogacy to holding your baby in your arms for the first time requires a wide variety of professionals and services to ensure each step is completed safely, legally and ethically — and each of these services and professionals will contribute to your total surrogacy cost.

American Surrogacy offers comprehensive surrogacy services and is involved in every detail of the surrogacy process, helping you to complete your surrogacy journey as cost-effectively as possible. By working with American Surrogacy, you will become parents!

We understand that some of the first questions that intended parents ask are, “How much does surrogacy cost?” and “How much does a surrogate cost?” That’s why we’ve listed our average cost of surrogacy here — so you can evaluate your potential price of surrogacy and start taking the necessary steps to afford the process, should you choose to move forward. While surrogacy costs can be expensive, there is a reason; American Surrogacy offers you case management and support services through every step of your surrogacy journey. Many intended parents find that these extensive services are well worth the surrogacy price they pay.

Please note: Every surrogacy journey is different, and your actual surrogacy costs will vary based on your individual needs and circumstances. To learn more about the cost of surrogacy with American Surrogacy, contact us today at 1-800-875-BABY (2229).

Keeping in mind that individual circumstances will affect your surrogacy fees, here’s a basic rundown of what you can expect your gestational surrogacy cost to be when you work with American Surrogacy:

American Surrogacy Organization Fees

One of the greatest benefits of working with American Surrogacy is our fixed surrogacy fees; for intended parents, this means the costs of surrogacy services like screening, matching and support remain unchanged, regardless of the amount of time or number of matches it takes to complete the entire surrogacy process.

While the surrogacy cost for our organization fees may be higher or lower than other surrogacy agencies, it’s important to remember that an organization’s fees usually reflect how many supportive services you’ll receive throughout the process. With American Surrogacy, this means we will manage your case from day one, allowing you to focus on what’s really important — preparing for your new baby.

Learn more about the important services included in our organization fees with this surrogacy cost breakdown:

Organization Fees $25,500 for Domestic Intended Parents; $27,500 for International Intended Parents As a full-service surrogacy program, American Surrogacy locates and screens prospective surrogates; facilitates communication between surrogates and intended parents; coordinates with legal and medical professionals; provides support, education and general case management throughout the process; and more.
Surrogate Screening Costs Included in Organization Fees All prospective surrogates are fully screened by multiple professionals and our own staff before they are eligible for a surrogacy opportunity with intended parents. Our screening process includes:
  • Social and Medical History Review

  • Review of Medical Records

  • In-Home Assessment

  • Background Checks

  • Mental Health and Psychological Evaluation

  • And More

Support Services Included in Organization Fees Our staff provides unrivaled support, education and contact mediation services throughout the surrogacy process to both gestational carriers and intended parents.
Marketing and Advertising Included in Organization Fees American Surrogacy provides surrogate outreach and recruitment, assists with the creation of surrogate and intended parents, and provides unlimited re-matching with available surrogates if necessary.
Case Management Included in Organization Fees American Surrogacy oversees the entire surrogacy process from start to finish. The final portion of the organization fee goes toward other miscellaneous services that are required to successfully complete the surrogacy, including communication with legal counsel, social workers, hospital personnel, etc., as well as other services like administrative, accounting and more.

Insurance Services

Aside from our fixed surrogacy fees, there are several variable surrogacy expenses that will contribute to the total cost for surrogacy. One of those expenses is surrogacy insurance.

As part of our screening process, American Surrogacy will conduct a review of each gestational carrier’s insurance at no additional charge to you. Every situation is different; however, oftentimes, intended parents will need to purchase supplemental insurance coverage to ensure the pregnancy is covered. The price of surrogacy insurance will vary, so it’s important to understand exactly what kind of coverage you need before moving forward. As with all parts of the surrogacy process, it’s important to have the proper protection in place for not only your rights but the surrogate’s as well.

Your surrogacy specialist will be able to discuss your particular surrogate’s insurance needs in greater detail and can explain how these services will impact the cost of surrogacy for you.

Insurance Plan(s) for Gestational Carrier and/or Baby $1,000–$20,000

There are many potential insurance situations that can impact the amount intended parents pay for surrogacy coverage. A surrogate’s insurance policy may cover surrogacy, exclude surrogacy, or remain silent on the issue. Depending on your surrogate’s insurance situation, insurance costs can range from $0–$30,000, on average.

If the intended parents decide on additional insurance policies, they pay for all premiums, co-pays and deductibles.

Legal Services

One of the most important steps of every successful surrogacy process is completing a legally sound surrogacy contract that outlines important details like the surrogate’s compensation, risks and liabilities, and more. You and your surrogate will each need an independent attorney to draft and negotiate this contract on your behalf, and these legal fees will contribute to your total surrogacy cost.

American Surrogacy works with a nationwide network of the best surrogacy attorneys and will coordinate the necessary legal representation for you. Remember, you and your surrogate will need separate legal representation, which is why your surrogacy costs will include her legal fees as well.

Intended Parent and Gestational Carrier Legal Services $5,000-$10,000 Costs vary by attorney and amount of legal work required.

Gestational Surrogate Fees

When it comes to how much surrogacy costs, one of the most common questions from intended parents is, “How much do you pay a surrogate mother?” How much it costs to have a surrogate mother, including surrogate compensation and other pregnancy-related expenses, will vary based on a number of factors, including the surrogate’s prior experience with surrogacy, her insurance situation and the particular circumstances of the pregnancy.

Sometimes, intended parents wonder whether a traditional surrogacy cost would be lower than a gestational surrogacy cost. However, it’s rare to find a surrogacy agency that completes traditional surrogacies today, so while you may save in IVF medical costs for a traditional surrogacy, you will have to pay more surrogacy fees for a more complicated legal process and the personal case management you will have to do yourself (like coordinating medical services, counseling and support for the surrogate). For this reason, traditional surrogacy is something that all surrogacy professionals advise against; a gestational surrogacy  is a much safer way of adding a child to your family.

Your surrogacy budget and the surrogate’s compensation requirements will be considered during the matching process to ensure you are matched with a prospective surrogate whose expectations are similar to yours. Actual surrogate fees will be determined when you complete the surrogacy contract. However, the following surrogacy cost breakdown will help give you a general understanding of typical surrogate compensation and expenses: 

Base Compensation

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Varies Base compensation determined by experience. Monthly payments begin once pregnancy is confirmed. Please see compensation chart for further information.
Escrow Services $1,500 Provide payments to gestational carrier through a private escrow account.

* Additional fees may apply for intended parents living abroad. Please contact us for more details.

Explanation of Costs

Because no two surrogacies are ever alike, the total price of surrogacy can vary greatly — which can make it challenging to answer the question, “How much does surrogacy cost?”

Certain costs are "fixed," including our organization fees, legal fees and the gestational carrier's compensation (based on experience). Other costs, such as medical expenses, are variable, and correspond with the number of attempts required for transfer, for example. Therefore, we try to prepare our clients for the "worst-case scenario" financially, in case a pregnancy does take several attempts to achieve.

However, surrogacy costs today can be fairly manageable with the right preparation and forethought. There are many ways you can fundraise for the costs of surrogacy, including through loans, grants and family assistance. Your surrogacy specialists can also discuss with you your options for surrogacy fundraising as you prepare to begin the process with our agency.

To answer the question, “How much do surrogates and surrogacy cost?” our surrogacy specialists are available now. They can discuss the average cost of surrogacy with our organization in more detail, as well as the types of surrogacy expenses you can expect in your particular circumstances. Please contact us today to receive more information about how much surrogacy costs with American Surrogacy at 1-800-875-BABY (2229).