Can You Find a Surrogate Mother for Free?

Finding a surrogate can be one of the most exciting parts of your journey to parenthood. With us, you can count on finding a qualified surrogate in the shortest amount of time.

If you’re looking for a surrogate, you’ve likely already spent years of your life waiting to become parents. We are committed to helping you achieve in your dreams of parenthood in the shortest amount of time. 

Our ability to find your perfect match in an average of 30-90 days is made possible by our cost.

While the idea may seem appealing, it's crucial to understand the risks and realities that come with choosing a low-cost or free surrogate. With our support and guidance, you’ll be on the right track toward a safe and smooth surrogacy process.

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Is it Possible to Find a Free Surrogate Mother?

If you manage to find a “free” surrogate, it’s likely that issues will arise that could put your surrogacy journey at risk such as scams or match disruptions.

Free or low-cost options may have a restricted pool of surrogates available, leading to fewer qualified candidates. With limited options, you may find yourself competing for surrogates, leading to longer wait times and potentially lower-quality matches.

Without proper screening and support, there's a higher chance of encountering issues or complications which can put your surrogacy journey at risk.

The Realities of Finding a Surrogate for Free

While the idea of free surrogacy may seem appealing, the process is never truly without cost. Even if you choose to pursue surrogacy independently, you'll still incur expenses associated with finding and screening a surrogate. Navigating the surrogacy process on your own can be stressful and time-consuming.

Screening potential surrogates, managing legal agreement and coordinating medical procedures on your own can be overwhelming and take up valuable time. Without the resources and expertise of an agency, you may face delays and setbacks in your surrogacy journey.

How Our Cost Shortens Wait Times

Our 1:1 intended parents-to-surrogate ratio lets us help you find a surrogate within an average of 30-90 days. Working with an agency like ours provides ease and peace of mind on your path to parenthood. With over 40 years of expertise, we utilize our resources and national reach to match you with qualified surrogates in a short amount of time.

Our fixed fee structure is designed so you know exactly what you’ll be paying and what services your money is going towards. This is one of the biggest investments you’ll make and there’s nothing worse than not knowing how much you’re actually paying.

By leveraging targeted marketing and comprehensive screening processes, we expedite the matching process, helping to connect you with an ideal surrogate quickly.


Our marketing efforts prioritizes your time to ensure short wait times. While some agencies only have one person dedicated to marketing, we offer a staff of 18 marketing specialists focused on creating a large online presence through video, social media and more.

This helps us reach surrogates across the U.S., ensuring you experience the joys of parenthood that much sooner.


With us, you can count on a highly qualified surrogate that adheres to ASRM guidelines. Our thorough screening process streamlines your journey, while also ensuring the surrogate is ready for the process ahead.

Not only does our screening contribute to lower wait times, but it also lays the foundation for a successful surrogacy journey.

Financial Protection

Our agency offers comprehensive financial protection to ensure peace of mind as you embark on this life-changing journey. Our Parent Protection Fee includes unlimited matching at no extra cost and a refund if the surrogacy journey is unsuccessful.

This safeguard provides assurance and support throughout the entire surrogacy process, prioritizing your financial security every step of the way.

Your Surrogacy Financing Options

If you’re concerned about the cost of surrogacy, then there are financing options that can make your journey more affordable. Here are some of the most common ways intended parents pay for surrogacy:

  • Loans

    In fact, there are many lenders out there that specialize in providing loans to couples going through infertility treatments and surrogacy.

  • Fertility and Surrogate Grant Programs

    Each program will have different requirements for their grant requirements, so you may have to do some research to find out which ones you qualify for.

  • Community Fundraising Events

    Consider hosting a variety of engaging activities such as bake sales, car washes, or charity auctions, tailored to appeal to a wide audience.

By investing in a professional dedicated to providing you with a clear and secure plan, you can navigate your journey with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that you have the support and resources needed to fulfill your dreams of parenthood.

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