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Your next steps toward creating a family start here. We are working with several fully screened gestational carriers waiting for a match. See our available surrogacy situations below, and reach out to learn more about matching with a surrogate.

Welcome to American Surrogacy's “Available Surrogate Mothers” page, where we list the women in our program who are excited to start their surrogacy journey — and who are waiting to find their perfect surrogacy partner.

If you are looking for a surrogate and are ready to take the next step in your own surrogacy journey, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find surrogate mother pictures and surrogate mother profiles of the women who have been pre-screened or are undergoing the screening process with our agency and are ready to start the surrogacy process now. As our surrogates available now, they’re just waiting for one thing — you!

Below, you can read more about all of our women who want to be surrogates. In their online surrogate profiles, you’ll find information about where they live, what kind of parents they want to carry for, what their insurance situation is like, and more. You can also receive a full profile with more information when you inquire with our team.

If you are interested in learning more about a prospective surrogacy candidate below, or if you have any questions about our surrogacy screening and matching process, please contact us today at or complete an application here. We will be happy to answer your questions and set up a meeting with one of our available surrogate mothers as soon as possible!

Our Prospective Surrogates

Surrogate ID: S-9799

I feel very blessed in being able to have children of my own and would love to help someone else experience that blessing. Being the oldest of 8 children, I take a personal pride in helping my younger siblings and being there for them whenever they need. I am a very giving person and it would be an honor to bring someone the joy that I have experienced of being a parent.

Surrogate ID: S-9694

God has called me to take my eyes off of myself and help a couple in need. Through lots of prayer and trust in the Lord, I have asked him to bring me to the perfect couple to help bring their biggest little blessing into this world. I hope that’s you!

Surrogate ID: S-9546

Your journey is an extraordinary one, and I am committed to ensuring that it is as smooth and fulfilling as possible. The joy and sense of meaning that comes with helping you grow your family would be immeasurable.

Surrogate ID: S-9512

I love being a mother. Raising my boys has been the greatest joy of my life. I’ve wanted to be a surrogate for a long time, I’d love to help you experience the joys of being a parent as well. I don’t take the decision of being a surrogate lightly. I understand the amount of trust you’re putting in me to carry your child. I promise to provide a safe, healthy and loving environment for your baby! My hope for this journey is to do it along with you. I would love to have great communication and feel like we are doing this together.

Surrogate ID: S-9290

Though we haven’t officially met, let me start by saying I am very honored to start this life changing journey with you. Seeing that you would go this length to expand your family already shows me that you will be awesome parents! I also want you to know that I understand what incredible trust you are placing in me, and I do not take at lightly. I look forward to helping you bring your bundle of joy into this world. I look forward to being able to help you expand your family. I look forward to calling you and updating you as much as possible about your baby. I look forward to meeting you so and producing a plan that better suites you and your family. Now let’s get this show on the road! Here’s to our new journey!

Surrogate ID: S-9142

I have always has a passion to help others. It wasn’t until I watched a friend of mine struggle with pregnancy that I thought about being a surrogate. That was 8 years ago. Still to this day it has been something I have thought long and hard about. I was fortunate to have two health pregnancies and carried both of my boys to 40w3d. With my boys now older and my career going well I would like to take this opportunity the help another family fulfill their dreams of becoming parents.

Surrogate ID: S-9023

After walking with a friend through her unexpected fertility struggles, I was inspired to look into becoming a surrogate. It would be a privilege to help a family bring a new baby into this world. I am so excited for the adventures that lie ahead for you, and I would be overjoyed to be a part of them.

Surrogate ID: S-7762

Words cannot express how incredibly happy, excited and grateful I am to be a part of your journey. I love knowing that everyone has their own unique story to share and that when they meet their baby, all that baby will ever know is love, trust and strength. Being a surrogate was something that came to me when it was decided that we were not going to grow our own family anymore, but I loved being pregnant. I cannot wait to meet you and walk through this chapter of life together. I’m even more excited to know that you will get to raise your baby and give them everything and more. Thank you so much for reading this and I hope it gives you an insight on the joy I wish to bring you and include you in every step of the way.

Surrogate ID: S-7474

My hope as a surrogate is to gain your trust and friendship whether that be short term or long term. Trust that I will care for your beautiful bun while it is in my oven, just as I did when I carried my own. In this process, my greatest accomplishment would be giving birth to your beautiful healthy baby boy or girl and being witness to your joy on that wonderful day.

Surrogate ID: S-4418

I first learned about surrogacy shortly after having my son. I was blessed with a great pregnancy/delivery and would like to help you with adding to or completing your family. Children are truly a gift and if I am able to help your family in giving that gift, then that’s what I would like to do! That kind of love is indescribable!

Surrogate ID: S-3103

My first experience as a gestational carrier was everything I hoped for and I can’t wait to do it again. I look forward to helping be a part of bringing you your happiness.

Surrogate ID: S-1547

I am overwhelmed with joy to share the wonderful beauty of this pregnancy with you.

Surrogate ID: S-8251 - Matched!

I understand you are looking to embark on a wonderful journey that may not have been part of your original plan when building your family. I would love to join you on this incredible adventure.

Surrogate ID: S-8190 - Matched!

Now that I have been blessed with two healthy girls and understand the feeling of being a mother, I want to be able to give another family the same opportunity. Nothing would make me happier than being able to help a family grow.

Surrogate ID: S-8134 - Matched!

Should you choose to embark on this journey with me, I am wholeheartedly dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for the development of your child. I understand the emotional weight that infertility carries, and I am here to offer you the gift of hope, understanding, and the possibility of bringing a precious life into this world.

Surrogate ID: S-8130 - Matched!

I am proud to be from such a strong village and I look forward to merging my loving village with yours and bringing a new life into the world so they too, will understand the love and connection that this world is capable of.

Surrogate ID: S-7769 - Matched!

I know this is not an endeavor to be taken lightly and I hope I can help you in creating your family. It will be an honor to have the privilege to care for such precious cargo and the little blessing I carry will feel as much love and care as they would if you were holding them in your arms.

Surrogate ID: S-7755 - Matched!

I know when picturing how you wanted to start your family, this is probably not how you imagined it to go, so I know this decision is not an easy one for you to make. With that being said, I want to express many heartfelt thanks to you for reading a little bit about us and considering us to help make your dreams come true.

Surrogate ID: S-7489 - Matched!

Thank you for considering partnering with me and my family as you embark on this meaningful journey. I feel called to serve others and would love to be chosen to bless your family with this incredible gift.

Surrogate ID: S-7430 - Matched!

I am hoping to become a surrogate after watching two family members struggle with not being able to have children. Unfortunately, I was not in a place to be able to help them. I am grateful to now be in a place where I can help someone else realize their dream of having children.

Surrogate ID: S-6801 - Matched!

I always knew I wanted kids but what I didn’t know was how full my heart would become once I had them. Which leads me into why I want to do this for someone else. I am young, healthy and both pregnancy and labor came easy to me. Because of the love and admiration I have for my kids, I would love to bless another family to have that as well. I hope I can make your heart as full as mine is.

Surrogate ID: S-5177 - Matched!

I remember the love and joy I felt the first time I saw both of my sons and the love and joy I still feel every day just looking at them. I want to help another couple feel that same love and joy every morning they wake up and see their child.

Surrogate ID: S-4976 - Matched!

I know the love and joy that our children bring to our family, and we can only pray that one day we will be able to bless another family with that kind of love. We are praying for your family, before you’re even created.

Surrogate ID: S-4871 - Matched!

I think Surrogacy is such a remarkable thing. To be able to help someone have their best friend and experience the indescribable joy of having children is just amazing.

Surrogate ID: S-4782 - Matched!

I feel this is something I am meant to do, and have prayed long and hard about it. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about becoming a surrogate. I can’t wait to get to know you and your family!

Surrogate ID: S-4608 - Matched!

After having two healthy kids of my own, I can’t wait to bless a family with the joys of parenthood and everything that comes with it. It truly is a miracle!

Surrogate ID: S-4584 - Matched!

Watching our kids learn and grow has been our biggest blessing. Our home is overflowing with love since these tiny humans have entered. I would love to spread this joy and help you to start or help you to continue to grow your family.

Why Choose From Our Surrogate Mother Listings?

As you research your surrogacy options, you will likely find a number of surrogate mother listings. These can be located through agencies like ours, surrogacy attorneys, or even in online advertisements.

With so many available surrogate mothers to choose from, why should you work from our list of surrogate mother profiles?

Many times, when you’re finding a surrogate profile independently, a surrogacy candidate has not gone through the necessary pre-surrogacy steps. While she may be fully dedicated to the idea of carrying a child for you, she may not actually be eligible for the process. Surrogacy is not right for every woman; she must meet certain requirements and be cleared by surrogacy professionals before moving forward. If you independently match with one of these surrogates for hire, you may put time and energy into a match that will ultimately fail when she is later disqualified by professionals.

That’s not the case with American Surrogacy. When you choose from our surrogate mother profiles, you know that each surrogate is cleared for the surrogacy process — and 100 percent committed to building a partnership with you.

Before you are matched with one of our eligible surrogates, you know that she has been or is in the process of being fully vetted by our surrogacy specialists, meaning that she has:

  • met all of the requirements for surrogacy
  • provided her social and medical history information, including her medical records from past pregnancies and deliveries
  • had her medical records reviewed and approved by a reproductive endocrinologist
  • completed an in-home assessment with a licensed social worker to ensure she can provide a safe and supportive environment for an unborn baby
  • passed general, criminal and child abuse background checks
  • had her insurance policy reviewed by an insurance professional to determine coverage needs
  • completed psychological screening and personality testing with a licensed mental health professional to prepare her for the emotions of the surrogacy process

Upon matching with a woman on our surrogate mother list, you will have the opportunity to get to know her better and ensure she is truly the perfect fit for your surrogacy journey. She will also undergo additional medical screening with a fertility clinic at that time to ensure that she is physically ready for the in vitro fertilization process.

Our team of specialists takes all of these extra steps to protect you as the intended parent. Before you ever see surrogate mother pictures under our “Available Now” listing, we’ve already confirmed many times over what you want to know — that a surrogate is 100 percent emotionally, physically and mentally ready to help bring your child into the world.

But, what about the surrogates listed as "Coming Soon"?

The truth is, screening surrogates can take a long time. But so can surrogacy — and we know our intended parents and surrogates are looking to find the match as quickly as possible. The surrogate mother profiles you see noted as “Coming Soon” have been screened enough to ensure they meet the basic requirements for this journey, according to their medical records and in-home assessment. In most cases, it’s just details such as insurance review that are still underway.

So, if you see a "Coming Soon" surrogacy candidate that catches your interest, we will be happy to start the matching process right away.

Find a Surrogate Mother Profile You Like?

If one of our available surrogate mother profiles looks like she might be right for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about this surrogate “for hire” through our agency. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and, once you have completed our application process, set up a time for you and that surrogate to get to know each other through a mediated phone call.

While American Surrogacy’s headquarters are based in the Midwest, we are proud to work with intended parents and prospective surrogates across the United States. If you are looking for surrogacy situations in a particular state or region, please contact us online or call 1-800-875-BABY(2229) to learn more about additional upcoming surrogacy opportunities and currently available surrogate mothers. 

*Please note that you are not limited to this list of prospective surrogate mother profiles. We are able to find eligible surrogates that fit your criteria, including compensation and budget requirements, location, age, and more.