Surrogacy Marketing and Why it Matters

You shouldn't have to wait to become a parent. Learn how marketing impacts your wait times.

At American Surrogacy, we know hopeful parents don’t want to wait, which is why we intently focus on marketing to highly qualified surrogates.

  1. High marketing = Lower waits.

  2. Low marketing = longer waits and, often, no connection.

While many organizations only have one staff member focus on marketing, we offer a staff of 18 marketing specialists who focus solely on:

  • National marketing, advertising and establishing a large online presence through video, social media and more.

  • Reaching more potential surrogates, which we then narrow down to find the most highly qualified candidates.

What happens if you join an organization that does low marketing?

You are left with:

  • A low number of surrogate candidates.

  • Fewer medically and psychologically qualified surrogates.

  • Competing with dozens of families for each less qualified surrogate.

So, how do you compare an organization’s marketing? Below are independently verified wait times of our agency and our 3 leading competitors. 

Agencies Estimated Match Wait Time
American Surrogacy 30 - 90 Days
Competitor 1 12 - 14 Months
Competitor 2 12 - 18 Months
Competitor 3 12 Months

*Independently verified by


Not only do we use extensive marketing to find more highly qualified surrogates to keep your wait times low, but the other 3 agencies listed either aren’t marketing enough or they are finding and working with fewer qualified surrogates, which costs you time.

You shouldn’t have to wait to become a parent. Contact us today to learn more or to get started on your path to finding the perfect surrogate for your baby.

How an Unbalanced List Impacts Your Wait

Most agencies don’t reach enough surrogates and accept far too many families to offer you any reasonable wait time. As a result, you face an unbalanced list, will probably pay the same fees and wait on their list indefinitely. 

These are two common reasons why:

  • Smaller local and regional agencies reach so few surrogates that their wait times are typically 2.5 – 4 years, even with fewer waiting families.

  • Larger organizations often tend to accept every family that contacts them but don’t market enough to find surrogates, forcing you to wait in line.

For example, if an agency has 100 families on its list but only completes 20 matches, you face significant wait times, and most couples will likely never receive a successful match.

If time isn’t a concern and you’re okay with waiting 2+ years to match with a qualified surrogate, you can find an agency that doesn’t charge a marketing fee. However, like most families, you’re eager to become a parent, and an agency that markets at a high level gives you more opportunities and the best chance of finding a qualified surrogate.

We aren’t interested in signing up hundreds of families just so they can wait around. We want to help you become parents quickly, which is why we work diligently to keep our list balanced and our matching window to 30-90 days.

We also encourage you to read here to learn more about the importance of a balanced list and how it impacts your wait.