7 Reasons to Choose American Surrogacy for Your Family-Building Journey

How We'll Support You Throughout This Journey

Whether you are a hopeful single parent, a couple struggling with infertility, or a member of the LGBT community, we can help you reach your surrogacy goals.

Are you ready to take the next step toward reaching your surrogacy goals?

If so, welcome to American Surrogacy – we are honored that you are interested in our team helping you begin or add to your family.

American Surrogacy is a family of surrogacy specialists, licensed mental health professionals, media specialists, and more — all who contribute their special talents toward completing surrogacies the right way. We are always here for our clients, offering support, education and guidance throughout the surrogacy process and beyond.

And it all starts with helping you find the perfect agency for your goals and preferences.

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a professional for your family-building journey. So, why choose American Surrogacy for this journey?

1. We Have a History of Success.

American Surrogacy's roots have always been planted in family-building — first in adoption and now in surrogacy.

Our sister company, American Adoptions, was founded in 1991 with the goal of improving adoptions through 24/7 support, financial protection for adoptive families, and more. These unique and valuable services have grown American Adoptions into one of the nation's most successful national adoption agencies, with involvement in 300 infant adoptions per year, and we are on track to duplicate our success through assisted reproductive technologies. 

We took the best parts of our adoption agency to make American Surrogacy. Our agency has been growing strong since 2013 — and we have no plans to stop anytime soon.

Want to learn more about our background? Read our story here.

2. We Offer Unlimited Matching and Smaller Surrogate-Intended-Parent Ratios.

One of the biggest advantages of American Surrogacy? Once you pay your first installment of our agency fee, you are placed on our list of active intended parents — never to pay that first installment again, no matter how many matches your journey requires.

In the event of a failed pregnancy or surrogacy, most surrogacy professionals will require the intended parents to pay a fee to find a new match with a surrogate mother — but not at American Surrogacy. As part of our services, we provide unlimited re-matching until a successful pregnancy occurs, regardless of how many attempts and how many surrogates are needed.

In addition, we offer a rarely found 1:1 ratio of intended parents to gestational carriers. While larger agencies on the coasts typically place hundreds of international intended parents on their waiting lists, American Surrogacy does not. Instead, we focus on making matches as quickly as possible.

When you join our agency, you can know that there is a gestational surrogate waiting to be matched with you. Our team will work tirelessly to find the carrier from our list of prescreened surrogates that best matches your family’s preferences and restrictions.

3. We Extensively Screen Surrogates Prior to Matching.

American Surrogacy’s screening process assures intended parents they will be matched with only the best surrogate mothers in the country. From health, psychological and criminal background screenings, to in-home visits, to a medical records review with a reproductive endocrinologist, our screening process ensures the women we work with are physically, medically and emotionally prepared for surrogacy, unlike many who are found overseas or independently of a surrogacy professional.

All prospective surrogates are screened before becoming active with American Surrogacy, so you are assured any opportunity presented to you is with a trusted surrogate candidate.  Unlike with other agencies, you know that every surrogate presented to you through American Surrogacy is ready for the surrogacy process — and ready to start the journey right away after you finalize your match.

4. We Cultivate an Extensive Network of Prospective Surrogates.

Our surrogacy specialists hear from prospective gestational carriers daily, many of whom we are able to start the screening process for right away. When prospective surrogates see that we offer competitive compensation with the personal feel of a smaller agency, American Surrogacy is the first choice for many of them.

American Surrogacy works with a wide variety of gestational surrogates because we:

  • Advertise nationally through traditional and digital avenues
  • Network with various attorneys, fertility clinics and social workers across the country
  • Offer competitive compensation rates on par with the largest national agencies in the U.S.
  • Offer various services to surrogates that are exclusive to American Surrogacy
  • Are time-to-time contacted by prospective surrogates through American Adoptions

American Surrogacy works with gestational carriers all over the country and commonly coordinates interstate surrogacy journeys between our carriers and their intended parents. The accessibility of technology such as video chatting and our requirement that surrogates be available to travel to your fertility clinic of choice has made interstate partnerships more popular than ever within our agency. (Travel is typically minimal — two to three trips of short duration.)

What does that mean for you? A reduced wait time to find the perfect carrier for your family.

5. We Offer Personal Support and Guidance Every Step of the Way.

We understand the complexities, emotions and concerns that come with growing one's family outside of traditional methods. Your surrogacy specialist will be directly involved throughout each step of the surrogacy process by helping you decide if surrogacy is right for your family, finding surrogates who best match your preferences and goals, setting up and overseeing egg, sperm and embryo donations, and facilitating contact to help you get to know one another better to ensure a perfect match.

Your baby’s birth doesn’t necessarily mean the surrogacy process ends — and it certainly doesn’t for us. Your surrogacy specialist will be available well after you bring home your baby to help assist you through any future issues or questions you may have.

6. We Partner with Licensed, Qualified Legal Counsel.

American Surrogacy partners with a vast network of attorneys across the country who specialize in assisted reproductive technologies, many of whom are members of the Academy of Adoption & Assisted Reproduction Attorneys (AAAA). Both you and your surrogate will be provided with your own attorney, who is abreast of the laws of the state in which your surrogacy occurs, will ensure you understand the language in the contracts before signing, and will be your legal counsel throughout this process.

7. We Protect Your Surrogacy Fees.

Along with the other services listed here, we want to provide you with peace of mind and financial security. Our fee structure includes a Parent Protection Fee, which helps protect you from many variables costs associated with the surrogacy process. This includes:

  • Covering unlimited matches and embryo transfers until a baby is born
  • Unlimited Matching for as many embryo transfers as needed.
  • Financial clarity, allowing you to better budget for your journey


Whether you are simply learning more about the surrogacy process, deciding between multiple surrogacy professionals, or ready to take the next step in your surrogacy journey, having the right information is key. Here at American Surrogacy, we are happy to give you the information you need to move forward — and help you see how our agency is trailblazing a new era of client-first gestational surrogacy.

Want to learn more about how we can help you receive life’s most precious gift? Give our specialists a call at 1-800-875-BABY(2229) or fill out a preliminary application today.