Need a Surrogate Mother? Let American Surrogacy Help

In the process of searching for a surrogate — or haven't even started? Let American Surrogacy's specialists assist you in your process of looking for a surrogate.

Often, intended parents call our agency asking, “I need to find a surrogate mother. How do I get started?”

At American Surrogacy, we are honored to help intended parents searching for a surrogate find their perfect surrogacy match. We know how important this decision is for those in need of a surrogate mother, and our specialists are dedicated to helping your family put the best foot forward when it comes to this important journey. We are always available to answer your questions and help you get started anytime at 1-800-875-BABY(2229).

As part of our counseling for those looking for a surrogate mother, there are a few things our specialists discuss with every hopeful parent before they can begin. Get a head start on these topics below.

“I Want a Surrogate Mother — But Am I Eligible?”

There are many people out there looking for a surrogate across the country — but surrogacy may not be the right choice for every hopeful parent. It is a complicated family-building process that requires a great deal from both parties involved. You should only commit to this process if you are confident that it is the right choice for you.

Often, the people searching for a surrogate mother have a few things in common:

  • They are struggling with infertility, whether medical or social.
  • They want to have a child who is biologically related to them.
  • They are prepared to spend a greater amount of money on their family-building process.
  • They want to be involved in their unborn child’s development.
  • They have decided that adoption is not the right path for them.

However, not everyone who thinks “I want to use a surrogate mother” determines that surrogacy is the right path for them. Before you choose to pursue surrogacy, you’ll want to make sure you meet the requirements below:

  • Fully understand what the surrogacy process requires
  • Be prepared to spend a year or more completing this family-building process
  • Be medically advised as to why surrogacy is the best choice for you
  • Have grieved infertility losses, such as the loss of the pregnancy experience
  • Be ready to share an intimate, genuine partnership with a previously unknown woman for the length of the surrogacy journey
  • Have the financial means to afford the surrogacy process and the costs of parenthood directly following the baby’s birth
  • Have determined the best kind of surrogacy for your family and which professionals you choose to work with

For more information on whether surrogacy is the right choice for you, please reach out to our surrogacy specialists today.

Looking for a Surrogate Mother: What to Know about Prospective Carriers

If you are a hopeful intended parent, it’s important to know that finding a gestational carrier is not as simple as posting a “surrogate mothers wanted” ad and choosing the first woman that responds. Finding a surrogate is a big decision that will impact your entire surrogacy journey. Therefore, it’s important that you are fully educated about this process before you even begin.

If you need a surrogate mother, know that not just any woman will suffice for your family-building process. Not only do prospective surrogates have to meet certain requirements (for their safety and yours), but they must also share the same surrogacy goals and preferences as you do.

There are a few different kinds of surrogates out there that you should know about:

  • Traditional surrogates, who donate an egg to their intended parents’ embryo and are related to the child they carry
  • Gestational surrogates, who are not related to the child they carry
  • Altruistic surrogates, who waive their right to receive base compensation
  • Compensated surrogates, who request a certain amount of base surrogate compensation for their services
  • Independent surrogates, who want to complete the journey with only a surrogacy attorney and medical professional
  • Agency surrogates, who wish to complete their journey with the assistance of a surrogacy agency from start to finish

If you are seeking a surrogate mother, you will first need to determine which kind of surrogacy you wish to pursue. Only then can you find the right gestational carrier for your personal family-building needs. Keep in mind: Traditional surrogates often must be found independently (as many surrogacy professionals will not complete this kind of surrogacy), and altruistic surrogates may be best found among family members or friends. Therefore, certain surrogates will be easier to find than others.

Seeking a Surrogate Mother? Where to Get Started

If you are in search of a surrogate mother, you may be overwhelmed by the information presented to you and the path ahead of you. This is completely normal — but there are professionals available to help.

You always have the choice to look up a surrogate on your own. This is known as independent surrogacy. Finding a gestational carrier online or through your own networking will take more responsibility from you and can take longer than with an agency, so it’s important that you fully understand what this process will require before you commit to it. If you choose this path, you will likely use some version of a “surrogates wanted” ad, and you will screen all the women who respond on your own.

On the other hand, you can always start your search with a surrogacy agency such as American Surrogacy. Whether you are looking for a surrogate near you or a surrogate in another more surrogacy-friendly state, a national surrogacy agency can connect you to pre-screened, pre-approved gestational carriers. Looking for a surrogate doesn’t have to be a complicated process with the help of a surrogacy specialist; your professional will do the detailed work and let you focus on building a solid relationship with your prospective carrier.

Whatever path you choose will always be up to you, but it’s a good idea to at least speak with a surrogacy agency or matching professional to better understand the process before committing to one path or another. If you’re thinking, “I’m looking for a surrogate mother and need help,” look no further than American Surrogacy. For more information about our matching program, call our specialists at 1-800-875-BABY(2229) or contact us online today.