How to Find a Surrogate Mother in Kansas With Our Agency

Looking for a surrogate mother in Kansas? Look no further than American Surrogacy. Start by viewing some of our available surrogates in Kansas today.

If you are considering building your family through surrogacy in Kansas, you have the option of working with a gestational carrier from any surrogacy-friendly state in the U.S.

But, if you’re specifically interested in finding a surrogate mother in Kansas, we understand. Having a local partner can make a huge difference in your surrogacy experience, and many intended parents prefer to work with a gestational carrier who lives close to them.

So, if you’re looking for surrogates in Kansas, you’ve come to the right place.

While American Surrogacy is a national surrogacy agency, our headquarters are located in the Sunflower State, meaning we work with many women wishing to become a surrogate in Kansas. Our agency can help you find the local match you are looking for and guide you both through the process, step-by-step, with a regional feel that other national surrogacy agencies cannot provide.

To learn more about how to find a surrogate in Kansas with our agency, please contact our surrogacy specialists at 1-800-875-2229(BABY) today.

In the meantime, you can learn more about the process of finding a gestational carrier in Kansas below.

How to Find a Surrogate in KS With American Surrogacy

If you choose to work with American Surrogacy when looking for a surrogate mother, you will receive assistance and guidance every step of the way. As a full-service surrogacy agency, American Surrogacy is here to manage the details of finding your perfect surrogacy partner, letting you focus on building a relationship with her moving forward.

When you decide to find a surrogate in Kansas with an agency, your journey will usually follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a surrogacy plan.

Before your surrogacy specialist can even begin looking for a surrogate mother in Kansas for you, she will talk at length with you about your surrogacy preferences and goals. Your perfect surrogacy partner should share your hopes for the journey ahead in order for you to have as successful a surrogacy as possible.

If you choose to work with an agency, you must pursue a gestational surrogacy. Still, there are a few other important decisions to make before you can find a gestational carrier:

  • Will you complete an altruistic or compensated surrogacy?
  • Do you want your gestational carrier to have experience, or are you comfortable with a first-time surrogate?
  • How local do you want your gestational carrier to live?
  • What kind of relationship do you want with your gestational carrier?
  • What are your thoughts on sensitive issues, such as abortion and selective reduction?
  • How many embryo transfers are you comfortable undertaking?

Your surrogacy specialist will guide you through these questions and more to create a plan for your agency-assisted surrogacy in Kansas.

Step 2: Create an intended parents’ profile.

Just as our gestational carriers are required to create a surrogacy profile, you will need to do the same as an intended parent.

Surrogacy matching is a mutual exercise; a prospective surrogate will have the same right to choose intended parents as intended parents have to choose a carrier. Therefore, you’ll need to create a profile to show prospective gestational carriers exactly who you are, what your family is like, and what kind of surrogacy you are interested in.

Don’t worry — your surrogacy specialist will guide you through this process.

Step 3: View available surrogates in Kansas through their profiles.

Once your intended parent profile is complete, your surrogacy specialist will start gathering profiles of surrogates in Kansas who share your surrogacy preferences. You will view these profiles and have the chance to ask additional questions before agreeing to speak with (and potentially meet) your prospective match.

Step 4: Get to know a prospective surrogate in Kansas.

If you have viewed a profile of a surrogate in Kansas that you like, your surrogacy specialist will set up a phone call (or an in-person meeting, if you are close enough to each other).

During this call, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know each other better and ask any lingering questions you may have. Many intended parents compare this conversation to a first date; they often have a gut feeling of whether or not the match will work out.

Step 5: Finalize your match with a legal contract.

If you and your Kansas surrogate agree that a match is in everyone’s best interest, your gestational carrier will go through one more medical screening at your fertility clinic to ensure she is healthy enough to carry your child. If she is, your surrogacy specialist will connect you with two local surrogacy attorneys to draft your surrogacy contract.

During this drafting process, your attorneys will negotiate the terms of your upcoming surrogacy journey until you are both comfortable. This will include topics such as surrogate compensation, selective reduction and termination, contact expectations and more.

This will conclude your process of finding a surrogate mother in Kansas. Next step: Preparing for embryo transfer!

View Available Surrogates in KS Today

Many intended parents in the Sunflower State wonder how to find a surrogate mother in Kansas — but keep in mind that your perfect surrogacy match may not live in the same state as you. You will always have the right to desire a gestational carrier in your same state, but it’s also a good idea to keep your mind open in regards to your carrier’s location. You may find the perfect match somewhere you least expect it!

At American Surrogacy, we work with gestational carriers from across the country. Your surrogacy specialist will always ensure your preferences are taken into account when finding a carrier who meets your expectations. Whether that woman lives in Kansas or elsewhere, she is out there, and we will help you find her.

Our agency maintains a listing of available surrogates for your viewing pleasure, but you should know that our list of gestational carriers in Kansas extends beyond those posted on our website. We take advantage of an extensive network of surrogacy professionals, attorneys and fertility clinics to locate the perfect matches for our intended parents.

For more information on how we can help you find a surrogate in Kansas, please call our agency at 1-800-875-2229(BABY) today.