Surrogacy in Columbia, MO

Columbia Surrogacy Agencies, Attorneys and More

Whether you're looking for an intended parent or a gestational carrier to start your surrogacy in Columbia, American Surrogacy can help. Here, find a list of local professionals who can help.

If you’re considering surrogacy in Columbia, Missouri, you probably have a few questions as you get started:

  • How can I be a surrogate mother in Columbia, MO?
  • Are there any surrogates willing to have my baby in Columbia, MO?
  • How much does surrogacy in Columbia cost?
  • Where do I go to start my surrogacy journey?

Here at American Surrogacy, we know that the surrogacy process, no matter where you are, can be confusing and overwhelming. That’s why our staff is dedicated to guiding you through your Columbia surrogacy step-by-step to help you safely and successfully reach your personal surrogacy goals.

During your surrogacy journey, you’ll need to work with several surrogacy professionals — not just our surrogacy agency. So, how do you choose the ones that are right for you?

To make this decision a bit easier, we’ve gathered a list of local Columbia surrogacy professionals here. While it is in no way a complete list of the professionals available to you, we hope it is enough to help you begin your surrogacy in Columbia, Missouri, on the right foot.

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Let American Surrogacy Be Your Columbia Surrogacy Agency

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make in your Columbia surrogacy is whether or not you’ll work with a surrogacy agency.

Many intended parents and gestational carriers in Missouri choose to work with an agency for their surrogacy journey, and there are a few reasons why. Surrogacy agencies are essentially “one-stop shops” for this family-building journey, providing case management, support and counseling that allow the surrogacy parties to focus on the bigger picture, rather than the tiniest details.

American Surrogacy is no exception. Our national program helps intended parents and surrogates across the country reach their surrogacy goals. But, because our headquarters are located in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area, we can provide a local feel for your surrogacy in Columbia that other national agencies may not.

If you work with our agency, our specialists will:

  • Complete screening to ensure you are eligible for the surrogacy process
  • Help you find the perfect prospective carrier or intended parent
  • Coordinate with the other professionals in your Columbia surrogacy journey
  • Answer any questions and address any concerns you have along the way
  • And more

Not sure whether a surrogacy agency is right for you? That’s okay — this decision is always entirely up to you. To learn more about our surrogacy program and the advantages of working with American Surrogacy for your Columbia surrogacy journey, please contact our surrogacy specialists at 1-800-875-2229(BABY) today.

Not sure whether surrogacy is the right way to build your family? If this is your situation, we encourage you to contact infertility counselor Kris Probasco for more information about your infertility options.

Columbia Surrogacy Attorneys

A surrogacy attorney is necessary in every surrogacy journey in the U.S., and a surrogacy in Columbia, Missouri, is no exception. Although there are currently no surrogacy laws in Missouri regulating this family-building process, there is still an established legal protocol to follow to keep each party’s rights and interests protected. Only a Missouri surrogacy attorney can guide you through this process.

You and your surrogacy partner will need separate surrogacy attorneys for your journey. These attorneys will discuss the details of your upcoming process, negotiate a legal surrogacy contract that you both are comfortable with, and ensure that any necessary parentage orders are completed after the baby is born. Intended parents will always pay for the legal fees of their gestational carrier.

If you’re looking for a surrogacy attorney in Columbia, there are a few Missouri-licensed lawyers you might consider:

Columbia Surrogacy Clinics

In order to complete the medical process of surrogacy, you will need to work with a surrogacy clinic, also known as a fertility clinic. Unlike other professionals in your surrogacy journey, your surrogacy clinic need not be located in the same city or even the same state for a gestational pregnancy to occur. However, a local clinic can be more convenient for both parties.

Many intended parents have a fertility clinic in mind when pursuing a surrogacy in Columbia. In most cases, they can continue to work with that fertility clinic once they find their gestational carrier. They will simply need to pay for the travel costs of their surrogate while she visits the clinic for screening, fertility medication protocol and the eventual embryo transfer process.

Don’t have a surrogacy clinic in mind for your family-building process? That’s okay! There are a few local programs that you may wish to choose from:

American Surrogacy’s specialists can always provide a more extensive list of regional surrogacy clinics for intended parents’ consideration.

Columbia Professionals for Prenatal and Maternal Care and Delivery

Although surrogacy clinics can be located anywhere in relation to a gestational carrier, her obstetrician must be found locally.

For her convenience, a gestational carrier can receive local prenatal care during her pregnancy (which will be covered by her intended parents), and she will have the right to choose the local professionals she wishes. This will include an obstetrician during her pregnancy and a local hospital at which she plans to deliver the child.

When a surrogate works with American Surrogacy, her specialist will coordinate with her local medical professionals to ensure everyone is on the same page about surrogacy delivery plans. The specialist will speak at length with the hospital to determine how the intended parents can be included in the delivery process.

If you wish to be a surrogate mother in Columbia, MO, and have an obstetrician in mind, you can certainly use that professional during your pregnancy. If you haven’t identified an obstetrician you are comfortable with, here are a few local options:

You have a lot of professionals to choose from if you are considering surrogacy in Columbia, and this list is only a small sample of those available to you. To receive a full list, and to learn more about the surrogacy process in Missouri, we encourage you to contact American Surrogacy today.