How to Find a Surrogate Mother in Texas with Our Agency

Wondering how to find a surrogate mother in Texas? Locate a surrogate quickly and efficiently with the help of our professional surrogacy team.

So, you’re ready to finally add a child to your family. If you’re considering surrogacy in Texas, you may have had some heartbreak and disappointment along the way — but, if you stick with it, you will have the baby you’ve always dreamed about through the surrogacy process.

But, finding a woman to carry your child can be an overwhelming idea. You might be asking yourself, “How do I find a surrogate in Texas whom I can trust with such an important task?”

We know how scary finding a surrogate mother in Texas can be — which is why our surrogacy specialists are here to help you every step of the way. When you work with American Surrogacy, you can rest assured that you will find the perfect gestational carrier for your family. Whether you are looking for a surrogate mother in Texas or interested in a gestational carrier in another state, our national agency can help.

Below, learn a bit more about the process of finding a surrogate mother in Texas with our agency. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to call our specialists today at 1-800-875-BABY(2229) for answers to all your surrogacy questions.

How to Find a Surrogate Mother in Texas with American Surrogacy

We are looking for surrogate mothers in Texas.

If this is the boat you’re in, there are a few steps awaiting you. Every surrogacy is different, but finding a surrogate mother in Texas generally follows this path:

Step 1: Create a surrogacy plan.

The first step in locating Texas surrogates is deciding what kind of surrogate you are interested in. To do so, you must create a plan for your surrogacy journey. Do you want to work with an agency such as American Surrogacy, or independently? Are you looking for a traditional or gestational carrier?

Creating a surrogacy plan can be complicated. Fortunately, our specialists are here to help. With our agency’s assistance, you can quickly create a detailed surrogacy plan that addresses every preference you have for your family-building journey. We will use this plan to locate the perfect surrogate mothers in Texas (and elsewhere in the U.S.) for you.

Step 2: Create an intended parent profile.

You will be directly involved in the process of finding a surrogate mother in Texas. You will be able to view surrogate profiles and decide which women you are interested in, just as gestational surrogates can choose their intended parents.

Before doing so, you need to make an intended parent profile. This profile will introduce potential surrogates to your family — giving them the chance to learn more about your background, your history, your surrogacy desires, and other important aspects.

Don’t worry: Your surrogacy specialist will guide you through every step of creating your profile. We will help you make it as detailed and attractive as possible for prospective surrogates in Texas.                               

Step 3: View available surrogacy situations.

Once your intended parent profile is finished, you will be ready to view profiles of surrogate mothers in Texas. You can also view surrogates from other states, if you desire. Your surrogacy specialist will make sure that the profiles you view are of women who share your same goals and preferences. You can view profiles of currently available surrogates anytime.

You can always ask your surrogacy specialist any additional questions you have about a prospective surrogate mother in Texas before deciding you want to know her better. When that time comes, your specialist will set up a conference call between you and the prospective carrier.

Step 4: Get to know a prospective surrogate mother in Texas or another state.

Surrogacy matching is a mutual process; you will only be able to speak with a surrogate if she has also expressed interest in you. If so, you and she will get to know each other better through a conference call mediated by your surrogacy specialist.

This call will allow you to ask a prospective surrogate any additional questions you may have. It will also help you determine whether you are ready to pursue your family-building journey with this woman. In many ways, this call is like a first date; many intended parents report that finding a surrogate mother in Texas is a “gut feeling.” The call may be awkward at first, but your surrogacy specialist will be there to mediate and keep the conversation on track. (She will also help you prepare for the call ahead of time.)

Step 5: Finalize your match with a legal contract.

If both you and your surrogate wish to move forward after this call, your process of looking for a surrogate mother in Texas will be almost complete. Before any final match can be made, your gestational carrier will undergo one more screening at your fertility clinic. This is to make sure that she is still eligible to carry a child for you.

If she is approved, you will both work with separate surrogacy attorneys to draft your surrogacy contract. If you are working with a surrogate mother in Texas, you will use a local Texas attorney. American Surrogacy can provide references to experienced legal professionals.

Your surrogacy contract will outline how the rest of your experience goes, including:

Your surrogacy lawyers will negotiate this contract until you and your surrogate are 100% comfortable with its terms.

Once the legal contract is signed, your search for a surrogate mother in Texas is complete! You will be able to move onto the medical process of surrogacy and be one step closer to finally adding a child to your family.

Want more guidance on how to find a surrogate mother in Texas? Want to make sure the partner you choose is the right one for you? Let the professionals at American Surrogacy guide you through this process. Contact us today to get started.