How to Find a Surrogate in Texas

With our unique matching program and unmatched wait times, your dreams of becoming parents in Texas are now more possible than ever.


We know you’re tired of hearing the news that you have to delay your journey to parenthood. In the Lone Star State, we’re ready to help you hear the good news you’ve been waiting for: That you’re going to have the family you’ve always dreamed of sooner than you think.

You can count on finding a surrogate in Texas in an average of 30-90 days. That means more cherished memories with your child and more time you wouldn’t have working with any other agency.

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How to Find a Surrogate in Texas

From the initial consultation to the moment we match you with carefully vetted surrogates, our commitment is to provide tailored support throughout your journey to parenthood, ensuring a smooth and expedited process.

Within a few weeks of making contact, Angie from American Surrogacy told us I think we have a strong match for you. It was fate because three weeks later I happened to go to Miami for work and I was able to meet the strong match that Angie told us about. We instantly clicked.

- Michael,


We recognize the anticipation you may be feeling in starting or expanding your family. That's why we prioritize minimizing wait times, offering the fastest route to parenthood possible. In Texas, you can experience an expedited journey to parenthood, letting you experience the fulfillment of nurturing a child sooner than you ever hoped.

5 Steps to Finding the Right Match

Find a qualified surrogate match


Sign your surrogacy contract


How Long Does it Take to Find a Surrogate in Texas?

Finding a surrogate Texas typically takes between 30 to 90 days on average. This means less waiting and more treasured moments with your soon-to-be child. Our efficient process accelerates the journey to parenthood, allowing you to embrace the joys of parenthood sooner rather than later.

Start Your Journey

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With our streamlined process, you won't miss out on any unforgettable milestones. From first steps to birthday celebrations and everyday memories, every moment with your child is cherished. You can say goodbye to lengthy waits and welcome a lifetime of love and happiness with your expanding family.

How We Keep Wait Times Low

Our marketing efforts ensure that we reach more potential surrogates in the shortest amount of time. Our national reach lets us find more surrogates, helping you get that much closer to experiencing the joys of parenthood. 

A Balanced List

Unlike other agencies, we maintain a 1:1 intended parents-to-surrogates ratio by managing our intended parents list. You don’t deserve to wait any longer to become a parent and our mission is to prioritize your needs throughout every step of your journey.

A Thorough, Streamlined Screening Process

No matter who you choose as your match, all the surrogates in our program are fully screened and ready to help make your dreams of parenthood come true. Our screening process allows us to streamline the screening process without having to sacrifice quality. 


How Much Does it Cost to Find a Surrogate Mother in Texas?

We prioritize transparency and simplicity in our fee structure. Your investment goes directly towards minimizing wait times and includes vital services essential for a successful journey. With us, you'll have full visibility into what you're paying for knowing that your investment is used to enhance your overall experience.

Your journey starts with the first payment, due upon activation. This covers crucial services including:

  • Marketing and Advertising: Expanding our outreach to connect with surrogates nationwide, thereby reducing the time to find a suitable match.

  • Surrogate Screening: Streamlining the matching process while maintaining high standards of quality and compatibility among surrogates.

  • Parent Protection Fee: This fee protects your investment from any unexpected challenges that may arise during the journey.

Once you've found your ideal match, the second payment is due, and it includes:

  • Match fee

  • Surrogate compensation

  • Legal fees

  • Travel expenses and lodging

  • Insurance premiums (if needed)

  • Prenatal expenses

In contrast to other agencies where the cost breakdown isn’t clear, we prioritize clarity from the start. Our commitment is to help you understand what's included in the cost, ensuring certainty in your investment.

How We Protect Your Budget

We know that embarking on a surrogacy journey is a substantial investment in your future as parents. That's why we prioritize financial protection through our Parent Protection Fee, ensuring your budget is always protected throughout the entire process.

Our Parent Protection Fee provides comprehensive coverage, including unlimited matching opportunities and refunds for certain fees in the unfortunate event of an unsuccessful surrogacy journey. Unlike other agencies that may leave your finances vulnerable, we make sure your investment in parenthood is secure throughout every twist and turn in your journey.

How Do I Find a Surrogate Near Me?

Although the idea of selecting a surrogate from nearby may seem appealing for its convenience, exploring candidates from across the United States can significantly accelerate the process. We’ll work closely with you to craft an Intended Parent Profile that resonates with potential surrogates.

This profile will showcase a heartfelt letter addressed to the prospective surrogate, along with pictures and insights into your family and home. You can trust that our goal is to help you find a surrogate in Texas who will play a pivotal role in helping you complete your family.

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Next Steps After Finding a Surrogate

After successfully finding a surrogate in Texas, the next vital steps involve securing embryos through a reputable fertility clinic. These elements are fundamental to the surrogacy journey and must be created before progressing with the matching process. Should you require support in initiating this process, we can connect you with our network of fertility clinics or you can explore options in your local area below:

If you've already completed the crucial step of creating embryos with a fertility clinic, we urge you to contact us as soon as you can to get a jump start on your journey. With embryos prepared and waiting, we can fast-track the matching process, bringing you closer to experiencing the profound joys of parenthood.

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Other Things to Know About Surrogacy in Texas

Surrogacy Laws and Legal Professionals

In the state of Texas, surrogacy is permitted under specific regulations outlined in the Texas Family Code, sections 160.751 through 160.763. These statutes authorize gestational surrogacy, as long as you adhere to the procedures within the law.

One crucial requirement involves having your gestational carrier agreement validated by a court before the birth of the child. This validation process ensures that all parties involved understand and agree to the terms of the surrogacy arrangement, helping to protect the rights and interests of both you and the gestational carrier.

We can help connect you with a legal professional in our network or you can find one in your state below:

Establishing Parentage

Courts in Texas typically grant pre-birth parentage orders when the surrogacy arrangement follows the statutory validation procedure, providing legal recognition and security as you navigate your surrogacy journey in Texas.

FAQs About Finding a Surrogate in Texas
How Do I Find a Surrogate Mother for Free?

While the idea of finding a surrogate free may seem appealing, you may risk working with a surrogate who may not be qualified. Even if you choose to find a surrogate independently, there are expenses that may be associated with screening and finding a surrogate.

When you find a surrogate with us, you can count on working with a surrogate that’s screened and ready to start the process.

Can I Find a Surrogate Online?

Yes, surrogates have created profiles available for you to view on our surrogate situations page. If for some reason you can’t find a surrogate you’re compatible with on our site, reach out to us and we can help connect you with surrogates in our network.

Is it Hard to Find a Surrogate in Texas?

We know that you’ve been waiting long enough to start your family. With our secure, fully-vetted matching process, you’ll find comfort knowing we make the process easy. You can find a surrogate with our agency within an average of 30-90 days, thanks to our 1:1 intended parents-to-surrogate ratio.

What is the Best Place to Find a Surrogate?

The best place to find a surrogate is through an agency. Surrogacy agencies like ours are able to provide the best possible support and personalized service throughout the process. Your choice in agency can make or break your entire experience and with us, you can count on finding a qualified surrogate in the shortest amount of time.

Can I Find a Surrogate Mother for a Gay Couple in Texas?

Yes, finding a surrogate as a LGBT couple is now more possible than ever. Whether you’re a same-sex male couple or a same-sex female couple facing fertility challenges, we can help you find a surrogate that not only matches your preferences, but who’s also screened and ready to help make your dreams of starting a family come true.

Is Texas a Surrogacy-Friendly State?

Yes, surrogacy in Texas is permitted for all parents. Pre-birth orders are granted and both parents will be included on the birth certificate. Your dreams of starting a family are more possible than ever in The Lone Star State. 

If you’re ready to find the right match, contact us online now or call us at 1-800-875-BABY (2229).