How Much do Surrogates Make in Kansas?

Wondering how much surrogates get paid in Kansas? We break it down from base pay to your most commonly asked questions.

The choice to become a surrogate can stem from a place of service as well as an amazing way to earn extra income for your own family. A factor many potential surrogates take into consideration is how much surrogates get paid in Kansas.

Discover how much you can expect to receive in Kansas surrogate pay, along with other benefits that may be included in a surrogate compensation package. To get more information about surrogate pay in Kansas, contact a surrogacy specialist today.

How Much Do Surrogates Make in Kansas?

As a surrogate in Kansas, you can expect to make anywhere from $50,000 to $110,000 in surrogate pay depending on:

  • Your experience: If you’ve been a surrogate before, you’ll make more in surrogate pay than you would as a first time surrogate.

  • Cost-of-living: Surrogate pay can vary state-to-state and even by county.

  • Your agency: We’ll ensure that you are receiving as much surrogate compensation as possible so that you feel appreciated and supported.

How Kansas Surrogate Compensation Works

Every surrogacy agency has a different structure for how they offer their surrogate compensation packages. When you work with us, your surrogate compensation will be divided into base pay and additional expenses to help you understand what you are being paid and how to pay for extra expenses. Here’s what you can expect from your surrogate compensation package in Kansas.

Base Pay for Surrogate Pregnancy in Kansas

The average surrogate pay in Kansas starts at $50,000 and can go up to $110,000. A significant portion of this package is the base pay. Base pay for surrogate pregnancy in Kansas is the agreed-upon payment you will receive for your services. This should reflect the significance of your role as a surrogate for a family who couldn’t otherwise have a child. This money is yours to be used however you choose. Many times the compensation for surrogates can be a life-changing opportunity for their own families. Many women choose to use this to pay off student loans, get a down payment for a home or even pay for incredible vacation experience for their family.

Additional Pay for Surrogates in Kansas

As a surrogate you’ll have various pregnancy and surrogacy related expenses such as:

  • Fertility medications

  • Embryo transfers

  • Maternity clothes

  • Travel and lodging

  • Lost wages (if any)

  • And more

When going through the surrogacy process, you will not have to pay for these things, and they are included in your surrogate compensation package. The payments for these expenses are separate from your base surrogate pay. We want you to feel comfortable and safe during your surrogacy, without the stress of any financial burdens.

Get a comprehensive surrogate compensation breakdown.

Highest Paying Surrogacy Agency in Kansas

If you are looking to be the highest-paid surrogate in Kansas, you should be aware of the limited choices in agencies. This is why we’ve put forth the effort to create comprehensive and competitive surrogate compensation. Our surrogates are offering an amazing gift to families, and we believe you deserve to become one of the highest-paid surrogates in Kansas. Surrogates at American Surrogacy can make $50,000+.

We have strived to become one of the highest-paying surrogacy agencies, and we want to show our appreciation to surrogates who are taking the time and energy to provide a gift to intended parents who might not have any other way of becoming parents.

If you want to become one of the highest-paid surrogates in Kansas or have questions about comparing compensation between agencies, we’re here to help. Speak with a specialist today.

First-Time vs. Second-Time Surrogate Compensation in Kansas

First-time surrogate compensation vs. second-time surrogate compensation can create a large difference in what your Kansas surrogate compensation package looks like. If you enjoy your first experience as a surrogate, you should definitely consider if becoming a second-time surrogate is right for you.

  • First-time surrogate compensation in Kansas typically ranges from $50,000 - $90,000.

  • Second-time surrogate compensation in Kansas can be anywhere from $60,000 - $110,000 or more.

Experienced surrogate compensation is something we feel surrogates deserve for their continued dedication to helping couples and individuals grow their families. We even have surrogates who become second-time surrogates for the same families. Creating this bond with families is something that connects you forever, and being able to offer this gift twice is a heroic endeavor.

We love getting to offer continuous support to our experienced surrogates. If you have previously completed a surrogacy journey and want to begin the process again, we would love to support you.

Learn more about experienced surrogate compensation in Kansas.

How to Become a Paid Surrogate in Kansas

Our ultimate goal is to get you the quality surrogate compensation and support you deserve in your surrogacy journey. We want you to feel empowered as you go through the process, and being fairly compensated is part of that.

Step 1. Fill Out Our Form

If you’re ready to begin your journey or have more questions about surrogate mother compensation in Kansas, contact one of our specialists today.

Step 2. Arrange a Video Call

Your surrogacy specialist will arrange a video call with you where they’ll be able to get to know you more and tell you more about the surrogacy process and surrogate pay in Kansas.

Step 3. Begin Your Surrogacy Journey When You’re Ready

Whether you begin the process today or a year from now, we’ll be ready when you are. Our process is designed to move at whatever pace you’re comfortable with.

Commonly Asked Questions about Surrogate Pay in Kansas

We know there is so much to figure out when you begin the surrogacy process. We answer some of the questions that many of our surrogates ponder when starting their surrogacy journey, from how to become a surrogate mother to why surrogates get paid.

Do you have to pay to be a surrogate mother in Kansas?

You will never have to pay to be a surrogate in Kansas. Agency services and expenses are included in your surrogate compensation package. If an agency is asking you to pay for services it might be a red flag.

Do surrogates have to pay taxes in Kansas?

Yes, surrogates do have to pay taxes on their Kansas surrogate pay. Your surrogate compensation is paid through an escrow service, which will send you a 1099 form to file with the IRS. Be sure to connect with your tax specialist if you have any questions.

Do Kansas surrogates get paid if they miscarry?

If a surrogate miscarries, they will still receive some of their surrogate compensation but not all of it. You will receive the agreed-upon payments up until the miscarriage occurs. You will get to keep that compensation, but you will then need to decide with the parents how and if they want to move forward. They will decide if they want to begin the process again.

How much do surrogates get paid monthly?

The answer to this depends on your total surrogate pay in Kansas. Your surrogate experience, cost-of-living and agency will be factors that affect this. Your surrogate pay will be divided into 10 equal payments over the course of 10 months.

Why do surrogates get paid?

Surrogates are offering an incredible gift that helps people become parents when they couldn’t otherwise. You deserve to be appropriately compensated for this service. Surrogate pay in Kansas is meant to make you feel rewarded and appreciated through the support of an agency. Contact us today and become one of the highest-paid surrogates in Kansas.