Surrogacy Laws in Alaska [What You Need to Know]

Understanding Alaska surrogacy laws can help you prepare for your surrogacy journey. We’ve outlined laws you need to know and what you can expect from working with a surrogacy attorney.

While surrogacy itself has been practiced for decades, you may be wondering if there are any stipulations or Alaska surrogacy laws that put limitations on the process. As you prepare for surrogacy, you should be aware of your legal options and how they can create a positive surrogacy experience for you.

Continue reading to learn more about surrogacy laws and legal responsibilities in the surrogacy process or contact us today if you feel ready to move forward with your surrogacy journey.

Alaska Surrogacy Laws

There are currently no laws that prohibit surrogacy, which makes Alaska a surrogacy-friendly state. Surrogacy, specifically compensated surrogacy, is legal in Alaska as there are currently no laws in Alaska against it. There are also no additional laws surrounding same-sex surrogacy. There are no particular laws that only apply to LGBTQ+ intended parents, meaning the process will be the same as with a heterosexual couple. The only possible exception would be any adoption orders needed due to egg or sperm donors.

The Alaska courts are generally favorable to the surrogacy process. This means traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy are both allowed in Alaska. However, because there are little to no laws about surrogacy in Alaska, it’s important for you to get connected with a surrogacy lawyer licensed in the state.

Why You Need a Surrogacy Attorney in Alaska

Some people may feel a little nervous when it comes to the legal process. However, having an attorney will help guide you through the process. They will help with the legal contract that is used between surrogate and intended parents. A surrogate attorney in Alaska will help with:

  • Drafting and finalizing the surrogacy contract

  • Addressing important issues including parental rights and surrogate compensation

  • Ensuring that any pre or post-birth parentage orders are effective

  • Helping place the intended parents’ names on the baby’s birth certificate

  • Navigating Alaska surrogacy laws

Legal Contract for Surrogacy in Alaska

A surrogacy contract is an important part of the surrogacy process. Even if there is a great relationship between both parties involved, you will still need to establish a legal contract to outline ensures everyone’s interests are protected. A legal contract will also help to outline pre-birth orders and assist in the case you need an adoption after the birth. Your legal contract will establish the following:

  • Rights and responsibilities of both parties

  • Potential risks and liabilities

  • Surrogate compensation

  • Agreement on sensitive issues, like selective reduction and termination

  • Contact expectations

  • Hospital plan

  • And more

Alaska Surrogacy Laws about Parentage Orders

You may have read about pre-birth and post-birth parentage orders if you’ve started researching surrogacy. This is to help establish who the parents of the baby are, especially if the intended parents are not genetically related. The Alaska Supreme Court ruled in 1989 equating surrogacy with adoption. This makes a post-birth adoption necessary.

However, a court granted a pre-birth order to a heterosexual couple using their own egg and sperm in 2014. Many times the availability of a pre-birth parentage order depends on the judge overseeing the case. Your surrogacy attorney can help you through the process, ensuring you get the correct parentage order.

American Surrogacy’s Network of Legal Counsel

One of the perks of working with American Surrogacy is our vast network of attorneys across the country. We understand you need to find a surrogacy attorney in Alaska who is right for you. Our surrogacy specialists can help refer you to surrogacy attorneys who we commonly work. We trust the attorneys in our network to thoroughly handle your legal process while protecting your rights.

To learn more about Alaska surrogacy laws and our work with surrogacy attorneys in Alaska, contact us today. The surrogacy process is different for everyone. We want to make sure your individual needs are understood and respected.