Surrogacy in Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City Surrogacy Agencies, Attorneys and More

Looking to complete a gestational surrogacy in Kansas City, MO? Trying to find Kansas City surrogacy professionals to guide you on this path? Read through this list to get started.

Whether you’re looking to be an intended parent or become a surrogate mother in Kansas City, Missouri, you’ve come to the right place. Surrogacy in Kansas City, MO, can be complicated and overwhelming at times — but American Surrogacy is here to guide you through the process every step of the way.

Before you can reach your surrogacy goals, there are a few professionals you’ll need to work with along the way.

Finding the right Kansas City surrogacy professional can be a difficult decision, but we’ve gathered a list of a few local experts to consider as you create your plan for your surrogacy journey. Each person’s surrogacy is unique, which is why the only one who can determine which professionals are right for you is you.

But, if you need a little help deciding, know that the specialists at American Surrogacy are always here to help.

Let American Surrogacy Be Your Kansas City Surrogacy Agency

Looking to complete a gestational surrogacy in Kansas City, MO? Look no further than American Surrogacy.

While there are many intended parent and surrogate agencies in Kansas City to choose from, American Surrogacy is one of the few that provide a regional feel and the advantages of a national surrogacy agency. Because our headquarters are located in the Kansas City metropolitan area, our specialists can provide local assistance in a way that many other surrogacy agencies cannot.

Our specialists are dedicated to providing the kind of service and case management that you need during your surrogacy journey. When you first contact our agency, our specialists will explain the journey ahead of you and answer all of your questions, including:

If you choose to work with our agency, American Surrogacy will serve as your “one-stop shop” during your journey. In addition to case management and support services during every step of your Kansas City surrogacy, our specialists will complete the necessary screening to ensure you and your surrogacy partner are eligible for this journey, help you find a gestational carrier or intended parent, and coordinate with the other professionals in your surrogacy journey.

Interested in working with our intended parent and surrogate mother agency in KCMO? Our phone number is 1-800-875-2229(BABY), and you can find our contact form here if you want to learn more.

Not sure whether surrogacy is the right path for you to build your family? We encourage you to speak with Kansas City infertility counselor Kris Probasco to learn more about your infertility options.

Kansas City Surrogacy Attorneys

Whether you choose to complete an agency-assisted surrogacy in Kansas City with American Surrogacy or not, you will still need to work with a few other professionals to complete your journey. One of these professionals is a surrogacy attorney.

While there are currently no surrogacy laws in Missouri, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a strict legal protocol to be followed in this family-building process. Every intended parent and surrogate in Kansas City will need to work with a surrogacy lawyer to protect their rights and interests and to ensure their surrogacy journey is completed legally and ethically.

A surrogacy attorney will do this by discussing the details of the surrogacy before negotiating a legal contract and, once the baby is born, completing any necessary parentage orders.

A gestational carrier and an intended parent will need to work with separate Kansas City surrogacy attorneys to complete this legal process. When you work with our surrogacy agency, our specialists are happy to provide references to local experts, such as:

If you are an intended parent who lives in Kansas City, MO, but matches with a gestational carrier who lives in Kansas, you will need to work with Kansas surrogacy attorneys, instead.

Kansas City Surrogacy Clinics

Anyone considering becoming an intended parent or becoming a surrogate mother in Kansas City, Missouri, will also need to work with a surrogacy clinic to complete the medical process ahead.

Every person interested in a Kansas City surrogacy must go through certain screenings and background checks before they begin. For a gestational carrier, these are typically completed by the intended parents’ fertility clinic after a match is made but before a contract is drawn up. If she passes screening, a gestational surrogate in Kansas City will work with her intended parents’ fertility clinic to medically prepare for the eventual embryo transfer process, which that same clinic will complete.

Many times, intended parents have a surrogacy clinic in mind when they begin this family-building journey. It need not be located in Missouri for them to complete a Kansas City surrogacy, but they will need to pay for their carrier’s travel expenses for embryo transfer.

If intended parents do not have a surrogacy clinic in mind, there are a few local programs to choose from:

Kansas City, MO, Professionals for Prenatal and Maternal Care and Delivery

While a gestational carrier will work with her intended parents’ choice of clinic to become pregnant, she can work with a local obstetrician of her choosing once her pregnancy is confirmed. Her intended parents will pay for all her medical costs of prenatal care and delivery. American Surrogacy’s specialists can assist intended parents with any insurance issues that may arise.

If you, as a prospective surrogate, have a specific obstetrician in mind for your surrogacy journey, you will always have the right to work with them during your pregnancy. Don’t have an obstetrician in mind? There are a few local professionals you may consider:

If you’re thinking about becoming an intended parent or becoming a surrogate in KCMO, you may not know where to start — and that’s okay. American Surrogacy is here to help. To learn more about the surrogacy process with our agency, please contact our surrogacy specialists today.