Surrogate Cost in Colorado

Becoming a parent through surrogacy can be beautiful. Get help understanding surrogate costs in Colorado here.

Surrogacy can give you the family you have been dreaming of, and many families who pursue surrogacy wonder about surrogate costs. Learn about surrogate cost in Colorado from a surrogacy specialist now.

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Colorado?

The cost of gestational surrogacy in Colorado includes several necessary services, and can vary based on the agency that you work with.

You will need professional help at several points within your surrogacy journey. This help assures that your surrogacy is completed ethically, follows legal guidelines, and is safe for you and your surrogate.

Some agencies may provide a limited number of services, so when you ask “how expensive is it to have a surrogate in Colorado?” it is best to look at what services are included as you consider the cost.

Surrogacy Cost Breakdown in Colorado

Instead of sharing the average cost of surrogacy in Colorado with you, at American Surrogacy, we use a fixed fee structure that has a clear breakdown of where your money is going, so that you aren’t surprised by costs and can budget effectively for your journey.

Our fixed cost for our surrogacy program is $149,900. This fixed fee covers the necessary expenses for your journey, and is paid in two installments.

Your first payment will be due at activation and includes:

  • Marketing and advertising expenses

  • Surrogate screening

  • Parent Protection Fee

Your second payment will be due when you match, and includes the cost for a surrogate in Colorado, as well as several other expenses:

  • Match fee

  • Surrogate compensation

  • Intended parent and surrogate legal fees

  • Travel expenses and lodging

  • Insurance premiums (if needed)

  • Prenatal expenses

What is the Parent Protection Fee?

Our Parent Protection Fee was created to help protect you from variable costs associated with surrogacy and provide you peace of mind.

This fee allows us to offer:

  • Unlimited matching in the case that multiple embryo transfers are needed

  • Refunds in cases that no embryos are left and a baby was not born for these fees:

Marketing/advertising, Match Fee, Intended Parent Legal Fees, Insurance Fee and Management, and unused surrogate compensation

  • Peace of mind that cost variations won’t mean additional charges to you later on in the process

You can read more about the breakdown of surrogate costs in Colorado here and how we simplify surrogacy costs.

What Is Not Included

While our cost breakdown includes all of your surrogate agency costs in Colorado, there are some additional expenses you should budget for. Every IVF clinic has their own standards and procedures, which means this cost is dependent on the clinic you choose to work with.

Other expenses are optional or may be a separate piece to budget for. You can also have expenses for your newborn, costs to travel to see your surrogate, costs for breast milk, and you can choose to hire outside counsel in addition to American Surrogacy’s legal counsel.

Importance of Financial Clarity

Surrogacy is a significant financial investment, and you need a clear understanding of all the costs of surrogacy in Colorado involved to make informed decisions. A reputable surrogacy agency should provide transparent and detailed information about the various expenses, including agency fees, surrogate compensation, medical expenses, legal fees and other associated costs. The financial clarity that we provide helps you plan and budget effectively, avoiding any unexpected financial burdens along the way.

Additionally, a trustworthy surrogacy agency will have clear policies regarding financial matters, ensuring that you know what to expect and have access to support and guidance throughout the financial aspects of the surrogacy journey. By fostering financial transparency, we will build trust with you, making the entire process more manageable and allowing you to focus on the joyous journey of welcoming your new family member.

Get Help Now

The cost of using a gestational carrier in Colorado depends on multiple variables, but you will need an agency to complete most steps of surrogacy. Some agencies are able to provide accurate cost details to help you complete your journey without financial stress and uncertainty. Click here to learn more.