American Surrogacy's Commitment to Low-Cost Surrogacy Services

Looking for affordable surrogacy programs in the U.S.? Look no further than American Surrogacy.

It’s no secret — building a family through gestational surrogacy can be expensive. If you’re like many intended parents, you’re coming to this path after months or even years of previous infertility treatments, which may have exhausted a great deal of your personal savings. So, when it’s time to choose a surrogacy agency, you may be looking for the lowest surrogacy cost possible.

Here at American Surrogacy, we believe there are many factors that should influence an intended parent’s choice of professional. But we don’t discount the importance of affordable surrogacy programs when it comes to this decision.

That’s why our team is dedicated to providing a low-cost surrogacy program that protects your wallet without sacrificing any high-quality surrogacy services provided by our team.

We welcome questions about our agency’s surrogacy fees anytime when you call our specialists at 1-800-875-BABY(2229). We want our intended parents to be 100 percent comfortable with all aspects of our agency, including our fee structure, so we are dedicated to transparency and honesty every step of the way. To that end, you can review our agency's schedule of fees here.

With that mission in mind, American Surrogacy has developed affordable surrogacy programs to help people become intended parents without breaking the bank. While we may not always be the cheapest surrogacy agency in the USA, we offer a few financial benefits that other agencies don’t. 

These four advantages often play a role in a hopeful parent’s eventual decision to work with American Surrogacy over other surrogacy agencies:

1. Payment in Installments

Whatever kind of surrogacy journey you embark on, there are certain costs that you will need to pay — attorney fees, medical expenses, surrogate compensation, and more. If you work with an agency, you will need to pay certain agency fees to get your process started. These fees help your surrogacy specialist match you with a prospective surrogate and complete the pre-screening of both parties before moving forward.

Some agencies will require you to pay their agency fees up front, regardless of the overall cost. This can be debilitating for intended parents who are starting the surrogacy process with limited funds.

That’s why American Surrogacy will work with you when it comes to paying our agency fees (read more about those here). We accept payments from our intended parents in installments. We know that surrogacy is expensive, so we aim to be as flexible as we can be for our clients — not force them into full payments early on that can financially cripple the rest of their journey. We want to make gestational surrogacy cheaper and more accessible for intended parents, and we’ve found our former clients to be most appreciative of our installment payment options.

For more information about our installment schedule, please contact our specialists today.

2. Unlimited Matching Fee

Finding the right gestational carrier for your surrogacy journey is incredibly important. Here at American Surrogacy, we know it may take a few times to find the surrogate you’re most comfortable with. But, unlike other agencies, we won’t punish you for a failed match — whether due to your preferences or circumstances outside of your control.

There are many reasons a gestational carrier may not be able to move forward with her intended parents of choice. Perhaps she has specific compensation needs that they cannot afford. Maybe she is not approved after medical testing at the intended parents’ clinic. Or, maybe their attempts at embryo transfers fail. For any of these reasons (and more), intended parents may choose to part ways with their original gestational carrier.

We understand that, sometimes, an original surrogacy match doesn’t work out between intended parents and a gestational carrier. That’s why we protect your first installment of our agency fee, regardless of the number of times it takes to find your perfect match. Other agencies will charge you a fee to get back on the waiting list after your first match — but American Surrogacy provides unlimited surrogacy matching until a successful pregnancy occurs.

It’s all part of our commitment to providing a reasonable, low-cost surrogacy journey to our intended parents — not one that nickel-and-dimes a hopeful parent every step of the way.

3. Refundable Agency Fees

Many agencies that promise “cheap” surrogacy to intended parents offer it with detailed fine print. In many cases, when you sign a contract with the lowest-surrogacy-cost agency, you are locked into a process with that professional without any kind of financial protection. The low prices this kind of professional can offer are often due to a lower quantity and quality of surrogacy services.

When you choose a professional solely based on who offers the “cheapest” surrogacy program, you’ll often also find that your expenses paid will not be protected. If your surrogacy journey doesn’t succeed, you won’t get any of that money back.

That’s not the case with American Surrogacy. Our specialists know that gestational surrogacy sometimes just doesn’t work out. If that’s the case with your journey, you will always be refunded a portion of your agency fees. That way, you can put your funds toward another family-building option, if you so desire.

Call our specialists at 1-800-875-BABY(2229) for more information about our agency’s refund policy.

4. Low-Cost Surrogacy Programs for Identified Journeys

Another way that American Surrogacy strives to be among the more affordable surrogacy programs? By offering savings for those intended parents who have already located their own gestational carrier.

If you have a friend or family member in mind to carry your child, you can work with our agency at a discounted cost. Your agency fees will be reduced in this situation (if you are a domestic intended parent). If your loved one is willing to carry for you altruistically, you might save additional money in surrogate base compensation, too.

We recognize that, if you’ve done the work to find your own gestational carrier, you shouldn’t have to pay the same as an intended parent who uses our matching services. That’s why we provide a low surrogacy cost to keep your family-building journey as affordable as possible. We believe strongly that an experienced professional is necessary in every surrogacy journey — even one between friends or family — which is why we offer a more affordable surrogacy program for those in an identified journey.


Our agency’s commitment to being a low-cost surrogacy agency isn’t the only reason American Surrogacy is a leading surrogacy professional. We provide a wealth of resources and support for our clients through every step of the surrogacy process. You’ll always be in good hands when you choose to work with our team of surrogacy specialists.

Interested to find out whether American Surrogacy is right for you? Call our specialists at 1-800-875-BABY(2229) or contact us online today.