Colorado Surrogacy Agencies

Surrogacy is a beautiful journey, but the path can have many unknowns. A surrogacy agency in Colorado can help you navigate your journey successfully.

Having the child you’ve been dreaming of through surrogacy can be beautiful. Colorado surrogacy agencies can help you fulfill your dreams now—click here.

Surrogacy agencies in Colorado play an important role in facilitating the surrogacy process for intended parents and surrogates alike. These agencies are specialized organizations that offer comprehensive support and guidance throughout the entire surrogacy journey.

What Colorado Surrogacy Agencies Do

Surrogacy agencies in Colorado can play a big role in assuring that your surrogacy journey is safe and successful.

From the beginning stages of screening and matching families with a great surrogate, all the way to getting the right assistance for pregnancy and birth, surrogacy agencies provide services and connect hopeful intended parents and potential surrogates.

Here are some of the services you can get from American Surrogacy as a surrogate agency in Colorado:

  • Complete screenings for intended parents and surrogates

  • Match surrogates and intended parents based on shared goals and preferences

  • Professional services from excellent professionals like fertility clinics and surrogacy attorneys

  • Case management and support

  • Education

  • Surrogacy planning and support

  • And more

How to Find a Surrogate Agency in Colorado

You can find the best surrogacy agencies in Colorado by looking for surrogacy agencies that can offer the following:

Short Match Times

As you get excited about your surrogacy journey, you may be wondering how long it will take, and not all surrogacy agencies have the same timeline. At some surrogacy agencies, there may be a long wait before you can be matched with a surrogate, which can delay your surrogacy journey by months or even years.

Great surrogacy organizations in Colorado will be able to share average wait times for matches and will be able to share typical timelines based on previous surrogacy journeys. At American Surrogacy, we have a 1:1 ratio of surrogates and intended parents, which means your wait time can be as short as 30-90 days from when you contact us.

Safety and Experience

When you are looking for a surrogate mother agency in Colorado, you will likely be facing an unfamiliar path, and your surrogacy agency is there in part to act as your guide and keep you safe.

Finding an agency with experienced professionals who have a thorough screening process for surrogates means that you can find safety and complete your journey successfully with an experienced guide helping you at every step.

We have helped over 13,000 families through our surrogacy and adoption services, provide a thorough screening process, and connect you to the best professional help for all of your surrogacy needs, including legal help and ART.

Financial Certainty

Another major consideration as you complete your surrogacy journey will be your ability to budget and pay for the best quality services.

As the best surrogacy agency in Colorado, American Surrogacy strives to limit financial uncertainty by using a flat fee structure with a detailed cost estimate breakdown. This cost breakdown can help intended parents budget without worrying about unexpected costs.

We also provide peace of mind through our Parent Protection Fee.

This fee allows us to offer:

  • Unlimited matching in the case that multiple embryo transfers are needed

  • Refunds in cases that no embryos are left and a baby was not born for these fees:

Marketing/advertising, Match Fee, Intended Parent Legal Fees, Insurance Fee and Management, and unused surrogate compensation

  • Peace of mind that cost variations won’t mean additional charges to you later on in the process

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Get Help From a Surrogate Agency Near Me in Colorado

Surrogacy can be a journey with many uncertain steps, which is why having a great surrogacy agency on your side is so important. You can get help from one of the top surrogacy agencies in Colorado now by clicking here or calling 1-800-875-BABY.