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Looking to complete a surrogacy in Kansas City, Kansas? Our local surrogacy specialists can help you safely reach your goals for gestational surrogacy and make your personal surrogacy dreams come true.

Are you thinking about becoming a surrogate mother in Kansas City, KS, or becoming a parent through surrogacy in Kansas City, KS?

Look no further than American Surrogacy.

Whether you live in Kansas City or in the surrounding metropolitan area, you have a great many options when it comes to Kansas City surrogacy professionals. You are fortunate enough to work with surrogacy professionals on either side of the border while still taking advantage of the Kansas surrogacy laws that allow for a successful surrogacy process, whether you wish to carry a child for someone else or add a child to your family through this method.

While you will have to work with several professionals for your gestational surrogacy in Kansas City, you don’t have to worry about finding them all yourself.

If you choose to work with our agency, your surrogacy specialist will help you locate the perfect surrogacy professionals and surrogacy match to have as successful a journey as possible moving forward.

Want to learn more? Keep reading for more information on why American Surrogacy should be your first choice for your Kansas City surrogacy, or contact us today to speak with a specialist for free.

Let American Surrogacy Be Your Kansas City Surrogacy Agency

If you’re looking for a surrogacy agency in Kansas City, you’ve come to the right place. American Surrogacy offers a comprehensive surrogacy program with experienced professionals — right in your backyard!

American Surrogacy is a national surrogacy agency, but we have worked with many intended parents and surrogates in the state of Kansas. As your Kansas City surrogacy agency, American Surrogacy will handle every aspect of your surrogacy journey, including:

American Surrogacy’s specialists are here to help you through every step of your gestational surrogacy in Kansas City. Whether you are a prospective surrogate or hopeful intended parent, our team can help you make sure surrogacy is the right path for you and guide you through every detail of the process ahead. This way, you’ll be able to focus on creating a strong relationship with your surrogacy partner and bringing a healthy, happy baby into the world.

Whenever you are ready, American Surrogacy stands ready to be your local Kansas City surrogacy agency. You can always call our specialists at 1-800-875-2229(BABY) or contact us online to learn more.

Our Kansas City offices are also conveniently located at:

827 Armstrong Ave

Suite 103

Kansas City, KS 66101

Not sure if surrogacy is the right path to build your family? We recommend you speak with local counselor Kris Probasco, who can help you decide which infertility option is best for you at this point.

Kansas City, KS, Surrogacy Attorneys

Whether you choose to work with a surrogacy agency or not, you will still need to work with a local surrogacy attorney to become an intended parent or become a surrogate mother in Kansas City.

Because there are no surrogacy laws in Kansas, everyone interested in a Kansas City surrogacy journey must first confer with a surrogacy attorney to ensure the necessary legalities are taken care of. Your Kansas City surrogacy attorney will educate both parties about the legality of surrogacy in their respective states, create a surrogacy contract to guide your process and manage any pre-birth or parentage orders needed to establish parental rights.

When you work with American Surrogacy, your surrogacy specialist will help you find a local, trusted Kansas City surrogacy attorney. There are a few professionals conveniently located in the Kansas City metro:

Your surrogacy specialist is always available to give suggestions and advice when it comes to choosing the surrogacy attorney who is the best fit for your upcoming gestational surrogacy in Kansas City.

Kansas City, KS, Surrogacy Clinics

Another professional you’ll need, whether you wish to become an intended parent or surrogate mother in Kansas City, is a surrogacy or fertility clinic.

This medical professional is the one who will be responsible for all the necessary screening in the Kansas surrogacy process, as well as the medical protocol to prepare a gestational carrier for surrogacy and the eventual embryo transfer process.

In most Kansas City surrogacies, intended parents already have a fertility clinic in mind for these steps. They may have already gone through fertility treatments with a certain professional, or their frozen embryos may be stored at a clinic already. This chosen clinic may not be located in the Kansas City area, so a gestational carrier will receive compensation for the necessary travel for embryo transfer to that clinic.

But, if you haven’t yet selected a fertility clinic for your surrogacy in Kansas City, Kansas, here are a few local professionals to consider:

Kansas City, KS, Professionals for Prenatal and Maternal Care and Delivery

If you become a surrogate mother in Kansas City, Kansas, you will have the right to work with a local obstetrician once your pregnancy has been confirmed.  You will get to choose which medical professional you are most comfortable with and which is most convenient for you, and your intended parents will cover any incurred medical costs of surrogacy.

If you have a local obstetrician in mind, your surrogacy specialist will work that into your overall surrogacy plan at the beginning. However, if you are not sure which professional you wish to work with, there are a few local options available:

Completing a surrogacy in Kansas City, Kansas, can seem complicated at first — but the specialists at American Surrogacy are here to help.

Whenever you are ready to begin your gestational surrogacy in Kansas City, contact our agency online or call our offices at 1-800-875-2229(BABY). We are ready to answer whatever questions you may have about the surrogacy process, including surrogate compensation, surrogacy requirements and more.